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The Summer Tour

Greetings.... As I just noticed earlier I have never posted an official blog here on ReverbNation so I felt now was as good a time as any... I am currently sitting here constructing a set list for the beginning of the summer shows....I hate this process...so many songs and what order and where to play what...I miss the band dynamic when it comes to sets, you just kind of feel where to go but when you are a solo artist it is much harder to guage...This is my first solo show run and as always there is never enough time to prepare so as always I will pretty much just wing it...I have been playing one off solo shows for years and opening for all the whoevers around the musical landscape but this is the first time I am planning on playing for hours rather than specific slots of time...Should be fun... I would like to thank everyone who keeps stopping by and to all the new friends that keep joining the Society...I greatly appreciate it and I always try to stop by and thank you all... A couple people have asked me about the HALLOW situation so let me explain briefly... I am now HALLOW...The great Joe Stoyanoff lives down in Georgia and I live in New York now...logistics cant bring him here to work with me so I have become a solo artist out of reluctance...I miss Joe dearly...I have attempted to fill out HALLOW here in NY but the scene here just doesnt have what I am looking for...at least as of this writing...I still desire to play so out I go and with HALLOW having a little push behind it I keep the moniker behind me so people know that they are getting the HALLOW songs...and more....I raise my beer and toast you all and as I head back into my studio to write up another dozen set lists which I wont find correct...I hope to see you at the shows and make sure you come up for a toast in person...THANK YOU...CHEERS!!!


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