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Chapter 3 (100 % Proof)

Chapter 3 (100 % Proof) A Thanks to all the Friend s and fans for Chapter 3 at the Haven Lounge. It was a sold out show, and we knocked it down! Videos of the show will be up within this week, so check them out. Chris our bass players birthday was the night of the show and he had the greatest birthday ever. We Prooved our worth and left a staple in the orlando scene January 28th, 2011, we will be back in due time for another sold out show! Thanks to Al and his boys for comming out and taking pictures of the band and possibly helping the band with some internal strategies. Till the next show we will see you out there. Make sure to check the show list as it continues to fill and all you lakeland home towners Docs is comming up set your calendars its going to be a great show.