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We're doing it together.

I'm taking this moment to say "THANK YOU!" (great big thank you), to those of you who are making this happen.

And . . . we're happenin'! By god, we're gonna make it -- together.

Wherever you are today, know that I am grateful for your participation and enthusiasm.

As Michael (Mike) J. Breen says, (out of context, but the principle applies), we are . . . "small but mighty!"

Mike Breen is waaayyyy up there in the music talent. I'd really like you to meet him someday. In fact, you've probably already heard him but not seen him. He's all over the 'net, so if you want to know more, look him up and tell him I sent you.

All my best wishes to each of you.

Keith Curtis

Fork In The Road Digital Release Date

Greetings friends, fans, and future friends and fans:

"Fork In The Road" was released to digital stores today, Thursday, February 19th, 2009.

It takes a few weeks to get through the system.

The physical product is not available at the stores -- yet.

More on that shortly.

Best wishes, Keith Curtis

Sunday's Appearance on "GMAZ!"

Arizona's KTVK family welcomed me on their "Good Morning Arizona!" show. It was a pleasure and an honor to be there. It is apparent that the AZFamily at KTVK enjoy what they do, and take pride in their professionalism. A big thank you to my AZFamily as well as my dedicated Street Teamers for your support. I know you can go anywhere to listen to musicians, and yet you choose to include me in your listening choices. I am honored. Best wishes, Keith Curtis

What makes me do music.

Written on: Sunday, February 11, 2007 Posted to blog on RN: Thursday, November 13, 2008 Howdy, Like most "acoutsic" musicians, I learned, some time ago, that unless you get struck by lightning or accidentally run into a country singer looking for a "meaningful" song for their next album, you are in it for the love of the song, not the money (I obviously didn't learn to write short sentences.) But, if you really do love the music, you can come and go and write and play and the folks in whatever venue you have in your neighborhood will appreciate what you do and come back again to see you. 25 years ago you could make $50/night playing covers of Cat Stevens and Carly Simon and Paul Simon and James Taylor, today, you can make $50/night doing the same songs, throw in a few of your own tunes and have a fun night. It's about the songs. You have to love them, you have to feel them and you have to live outside yourself to write songs that others will hook into and come back to see you, wherever you play. I've been out of music for about 4 years, and just getting back in again. Feet aren't quite wet yet, but I think I feel a drop or two of water on my toes. I'll hopefully be putting together a show or two around the Phoenix area. Keep an eye out. If you still love the music, it's a fun night out and unless you want to buy every CD I ever made, relatively cheap. I'll be in touch. You can take the musician out of the music but not the music out of the musician. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Keith Curtis on "Good Morning Arizona" Show

Saturday, November 16th, I will perform on the Good Morning Arizona show at the KTVK station in Phoenix. My appearance will be at approximately 9:45 A.M.

Update From Keith Curtis

Hello, fans and fellow musicians: The new album project is taking shape. There was a conflict regarding the vocal microphone I was using. I fixed that. It was a bit of a setback, but it's all for the better. One of the songs needed special attention to the instrumentation. I wracked my little brain day and night to come up with the right sound for it. Finally got it. What this all means to you, is that I am constantly occupied with the production of this project, and rarely able to break away to drop in and say "Hello!" By the first part of the new year, this album will be in the box. There's no good way to describe the style. The songs fall into the category of Americana, although most of them can be "New Country." That's it for the moment. It might seem like you're whistling in the wind, but I hear you. I just can't whistle back right now. I'll check in again soon. Best wishes, Keith Curtis

The Gestation Time For The New Release

From the Manager: The new release, "Fork In The Road," is almost done. "Almost" doesn't mean anything in the music world. To us, here at the Ambage House, it sounds -- well -- like something we'd like to hear. When we stick our "Fork In The Road" into the repertoire, we will give our fans first priority for free downloads. We will give our fans plenty of time to grab the songs and chew on them for awhile before we open them up to the general public. Our fans are premium fans; not your ordinary fickle fans. We're going to do our best to deliver for them. Our fans work as hard as we do. It takes dedication to be a premium fan. Our fans give something up to take the time to listen to our songs. There ought to be something in it for them. Personally, as the manager, I am stunned by the sounds of "Sailor" and "Lean Times." That's it for now. I'll let you go get done what you have to do today. Keith is mixing the sound, or he would have posted this. I'll just say thanks to all who support his music. Until next time, take care, Anna Diera Manager for Keith Curtis

Keith Curtis on ClearChannel's "NEW!"

Hello, and here's today's news: ClearChannel has accepted my song "Open Road" for radio play on the Web. Their "NEW! program offers music to 400 radio stations, and according to them, reaches ten million listeners each month. THANK YOU FANS AND LISTENERS! Keith Curtis

The Big Dogs

I'm thinkin' I can run with the Big Dogs if I get my butt in gear! If I'd put as much into the WEB design as I do for the music, maybe then I can run with the big dogs. The lyrics for the songs on ReverbNation are being added to the songs a few at a time. Well? That's somethin' at least. The vocals on my unreleased project are kind of slowing me down right now. Somethin' ain't right there. But I'll get her back on the road shortly. Thank you fans, especially "OL'GA BOY, BILL" for listening. There must be 700,000,000,000 songs out there for you to listen to, and you pick mine. I am honored. Best, Keith Curtis

Welcome Fans!

Hello, fans: Thank you for signing up as a "Keith Curtis" fan. I want you to enjoy what you find here, on Reverbnation. Please keep in touch. I would like to hear from you. Sincerely, Keith Curtis