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"From The Attic" album at:

Hello fans and friends: The album "From The Attic" is available at CDBaby.com Individual song sales are pending through our regular distrubutor, TheOrchard.com It's all Americana. You could see it from the back seat of the car on a family vacation. Or, you can buy it and bring it to you. Save yourself the price of gasoline, and the discomfort of a full bladder between rest stops. And those great big well-fed ants around the trash barrels! Ray Pietre, are there rest stops in Belgium? I mean, it does not take so long to cross the country. Does it?

Fan Me If You Like Silly Songs.

If you decide to sign up as a fan, there could be something in it for you. Maybe you want to be part of my Street Team on Reverbnation. There's probably a way to do that somewhere on one of my pages. If not, then flog me. (I'll love it.) Then I'll be motivated to give you an easier way to join up. I have a silly song that loves you. We'll talk more about that later. Think about it while I get my stuff together. Best, Keith Curtis

Tricky Treading

Well, Hi to you all. Keeping up with the options for distribution is tricky at best. You know? It must be a physics thing. It's like I have to be everywhere at once, and find myself in-between most of the time. The big question: "What's the destination?" Could be wherever the 'net puts me, and who knows from day-to-day where that will be. BTW: It STILL takes paper and pencils to keep track of myself. I don't use paper or pencils. Somebody else does that for me. I don't have a wastebasket. I'd just have to empty it, or dig something out if I did anyway. Best, Keith Curtis

Ah Ha.

I was sat down at the table this weekend. I was given the big picture. We narrowed it all down to a manageable picture. Which brings us very close to offering the release "From The Attic." Pretty soon. There is a fan appreciation special in the works. Best wishes, Keith

"From The Attic" Temporarily Offline

Hello friends and fans: Making a new album is great fun. It also means making some business decisions. That's not great fun. It has to be done anyway. "From The Attic," my newest release, is doing well at shows. Now it's time to get it into the right hands for digital distribution. I can't ask you to wait for the results; there's too much good music out there for you to go get right now. I will let you know right away, and in the biggest way I can, what the results of our decisions are. We're talking days, not months. It's a big fun digital world out there. Have fun, and I'll check back with you shortly. Meanwhile, the earlier works of mine are available. Enjoy! Best, Keith Curtis

Not too bad for a rookie musician.

The debut of "From The Attic" went well. Thank you all for making the show come alive. Hope to see you again soon. Best, Keith

Debut Performance Of My Newest Project: "From The Attic."

First chance to enjoy the new music project at Borders Books and Music -- Arrowhead store in Glendale, AZ. Saturday, May 10th, 2008. From 7:00 P.M. until 9:00 P.M. It will be nice to see you again, and make new friends this evening.

Everything's For Sale -- At The Right Price

After chasing myself around trying to find a way to buy my own music, I finally asked someone who allegedly knows more about these things than I do. The SnoCap store has the songs you see on my playlist at Reverbnation. The other stores carry "Postcards From The Road," which is steadily providing music to my global fans. Ambage Music, Inc. produced another album for release this month, April, 2008. It is representative of my live performance style. I will keep you updated as to when the production is in-hand and online. Land preserves, like songs, are for sale at the right price. A handful of dimes will get you a pretty nice song for your listening enjoyment. Contact me here, at ReverbNation if you have questions or comments. I welcome your participation in these musical adventures. Sincerely, Keith Curtis It's Just Like That