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Keith Curtis / Blog

Well Now

Personally, I have no idea. I wrote the songs and a bunch of stuff happened after that. My manager, Marla Davis, probably knows, but I sure as heck don't. Big thanks to my fans and friends out there for keeping the music alive and well.

Boatloads of Music

It has been said that Keith Curtis should be a household name after writing and producing boatloads of his music.

It has also been said that Keith is one of those artists, who will be famous posthumously.

Right about now, it looks more like option number two.

The music he has not yet written will likely remain so. Nevertheless, there are boatloads of his music out there for you to learn from, listen to, live by, or simply enjoy.

April News Update

* * * April 19, 2010 News: In the final stages of recording a collaborative project with Doug Haywood. And, Mike Breen is adding lead guitar as we edge closer to the release of this magnificent coming together of minds and talent.

* * *

Keith Curtis and Doug Haywood

Eight songs almost finished, and three or more coming up on the collaborative project two months in the making.

Rolled Out "Bones"

You were asleep when we rolled the "Bones" album onto the virtual table. "Bones" is a combination of Pop, C&W, Folk, Jazz, Bluegrass, and variations of those genres. Only you know, as one of our listeners, what's in the "Bones." Fans will get the liner notes in a separate message. Top fans will get the liner notes, and the lyrics. Best wishes, Keith Curtis

"Diamond In The Sun" Is Back On The List

Hello Fans, Friends, Potential Friends, and Potential Enemies: Just kidding about the enemies. I know I have some, but -- hey -- doesn't everybody? So, Fans and Friends, I put "Diamond In The Sun" on the song list; then, I took it back down. It did better than I thought it would. I put it back up. This time, everyone can download "Diamond In The Sun" if you wish. Take it with you wherever you go. Let the song take you with it, wherever you go. I thank each of you for the time you spend with me, here on ReverbNation. This effort is truly a team effort, and I would not be climbing the charts if it wasn't for you. My Leader Fan is OGB, Bill Barrow. He's been with me from the git-go. He has elevated many musicians from obscurity, to the levels of visibility they enjoy today, across the boundaries of the Internet. His countless hours and devotion to music is invaluable. Kudos to him, for being everywhere there's good music. In fact, each of you, as my steadfast group of supporters, have contributed to the evolution of the newest release, "Bones." "Bones" is not out for the public yet. We have a couple of things to do yet. Not too much longer, and it will slam the charts. It's my best effort to date. For those of you who signed up as fans, there are two tracks from "Bones" available for streaming: 1) "Willin'" 2) "Midnight Sky" For you, that is the least I can do for now. In addition, I have signed up for "Fan Reach." Since you and I are growing this together, I figured it was time to look you up and give you something back for the love you have shown over the years. You always have the option to opt out, of course. And if anyone feels spammed, let me know, and I'll do whatever it takes to make it stop. I like to keep my fans safe. With gratitude, Keith

Cables and Tables

Hello fans and friends:

Somewhere in my nest of cables on the floor, there are new sounds in the making. Once in awhile, I go into my studio and tweak a song and coax its contours into shapes that please me.

Millions of us musicians are at it every day. So, when I hear back from a friend in -- say -- Sweden, or Germany, or Australia, and he says he did not know I was a musician, I know I have somehow gotten my music out of the nest of cables, and into the vast world of listeners.

When that happens, when someone comes across my music and sits in silent disbelief on the telephone as the concept sinks in, it is a gift to me.

My nest of cables is ripening with tracks ready for imminent release. The tracks incorporate scraps of ideas that just did not fit in until now.

Later this year, 2009, they will go live for digital release.

Thank you for your years of friendship and support. And may we each reach someone, somewhere, who finds something in our songs that make a difference to them.

Best wishes, Keith Curtis

We've got a hook into the numbers now.

My manager sees the numbers go up and down. The stats and charts average out to zero, and according to ECN 101, the profit should be zero.

We define our profit in terms of acceptance of the music by the listeners. Our listeners are from all over the world. The niche for my music is small but mighty.

People who enjoy my music stick with me. They have never heard of me before, which is something my manager has heard all too often. Yet the listeners put my songs on their playlists.

It's an honor, and for now, it's our pay. Payday comes every time someone somewhere places my music on their playlist and comes back to listen again, and again.

The release show for "Fork In The Road" was interesting. There were about 75 attendees, of which 20-30 sat in the available chairs for the whole event. The rest browsed the store and dropped by the stage once in awhile.

We didn't drive anybody away, so I guess that's meaningful.

Thank you all for your dedication as fans and friends.

Best wishes, Keith Curtis

New Banners For You

Hello friends and fans:

I changed the banner selections. You might want to drop by and pick up a new banner if you haven't already.

The new banners are more Web friendly. Sizes and such.

I also want you to know about the ground swell going on around the Borders Arrowhead show. Plenty of hearty entertainment packed into this upcoming show on Saturday, May 23rd, 2009.

See the show schedule for more information.

I will keep you updated as this show develops. Hot talent here! Michael J Breen, and John L Agapetus, along with me on stage. Watch out! Those band members are seriously hot!

Best wishes, Keith Curtis

We're doing it together.

I'm taking this moment to say "THANK YOU!" (great big thank you), to those of you who are making this happen.

And . . . we're happenin'! By god, we're gonna make it -- together.

Wherever you are today, know that I am grateful for your participation and enthusiasm.

As Michael (Mike) J. Breen says, (out of context, but the principle applies), we are . . . "small but mighty!"

Mike Breen is waaayyyy up there in the music talent. I'd really like you to meet him someday. In fact, you've probably already heard him but not seen him. He's all over the 'net, so if you want to know more, look him up and tell him I sent you.

All my best wishes to each of you.

Keith Curtis