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Christmas give a way.

Ra-G will release his 6th solo project LIFE for Wauk-Side Muzik on 12/25/14. The new album will be accompanied by a compilation of Ra-Gs most thought provoking work through out his solo career. Both albums will be made for download on Christmas Morning. The LIFE album will be available for free until Dec 26th. The compilation shall remain free for download.

2014 will be a break out year for Ra-G and Wauk-Side Muzik.

After a strong boost in streams to close out 2013, Ra-G's new album T.I.M.E. has shifted the focus of Wauk-Side Muzik's S.O.P to meet the needs of todays music consumer. Ra-G started his music mobile app via reverbnation in Aug 2013.

100 cd give away boost steams for Wauk-Side

On Dec 13th Ra-G released his 5th studio album in his hometown Waukegan. At a local Bar & Grill in Gurnee, the 39 yr old rapper/produced gave away 100 promo Copies of the album, which lead to thousands of streams via revebnation, facebook, as well as twitter.

T.I.M.E (This Is My Evolution)

New Ra-G album to be released 12-13-13 5th solo effort since 2006.

The Wauk-Side Story Vol 1 (1992-2012)

I'm uploading a free greatest hits album today. Download it free today.

Lake County Il hip hop

We need to unify to build up our market. We need to control the music and artform coming from our area. We most definetly need to not hate on each other.

New Mobile app for Ra-G is 1st for Wauk-Side Muzik Group.

I am promoting not only mine and Wauk-Side Records music but other Rap and R&B artist from Lake County IL, as well as other regions through out the country (Chicago, New York, LA, Atlanta, Austin & Nashville TN). Please try it out for FREE today. Enjoy the music and things to come.

Project Lake County Division

I am creating this app in attempts to give a platform to Lake County IL, Rap Music scene as well as other rap artist I support and endorse.