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New song, & the Emotional Loss of a Hero, R.I.P. Rita Guerrero

Payne Receptors has been diligently working on his latest track since last November, 2010. The song, being only 5 steps from manifesting itself as a fully recorded & mixed gem, has had a neccessary shift of emphasis, due to the devastating loss of one of Payne Receptors greatest inspirations, Rita Guerrero, poeta, y vocalista of the uniquely explosive band Santa Sabina from D.F., Mexico. As Rita's highly Spiritual poetry was a major Mental, & Spiritual Inspiration to pull through multiple strokes & rehabilitate through therapy. As Payne Receptors missed two opportunities to meet the band Santa Sabina both times, due to illness, & thank Rita face to face for her contribution to his life, the completion of this already Mystically inspired track, will now be completed, revised, recorded, & mastered in honor of his fallen hero, Rita Guerrero R.I.P.3-11-11 [descanse en paz arcangel. 3]