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The Mission

I believe it's time friends, I believe it's time to start a new trend. I believe it's time to stop having mediocre, luke warm, and just meaningless interactions with each other. I'm just having deep thoughts this week about what a REAL community looks like. And how us as leaders can lead this. I think the first step is being honest with who we are and who we've surround ourselves with. And ask ourselves these questions: Are we engaging? Are we being engaged with? Do I REALLY know the people I'm connected with? And do they really know me? I think we all can agree that this day in age is so very self seeking and fast paced. Community is how we grow as people, leaders and the places we connect. So how do we get there? What's the first step? I believe true community exists where there is true vulnerability. Where every conversation and interaction goes deeper than "How you doin?". Where we ask questions, and ACTUALLY want to hear the answer! Imagine a world that everyone you talk to actually cares about you?! That's my dream, and THAT is the community I want to build around the music I'm creating. :) So let's be friends! www.facebook.com/JohnnyMitchellMusic