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We have a blog?

They gave me a blog. What a horrible idea.

We totesly opened for The Sword last night. That was fucking awesome.

I am far too drunk to car about this right now. Take this as a promise: I will be back to write some stupid fucked up shit that will make you scratch your head.

You are all stupid. You will all die eventually. Come give me your money.


our mission

here at RUST...we enjoy bringing our loud, aggressive southern sound to the ears of metal lovers alike. we believe we have created a sound that is original, provocative and goddamn brutal. we live this life and breathe in the effluvium like vapors displayed by the effects of suffering, struggles, persistence, and hostile attempts to create a continuing barrage of new music for your listening enjoyment. we play shows with people who still can connect with those who enjoy this life for the sole purpose of educating and inspiring whilst entertaining as well..I have got a big fuck you to those bands who want to be fucking assholes to other bands and forget what we came here to do...no one gives a fuck to hear another korn, another disturbed..no one wants to hear another guitarist rip off yet another municipal waste or sleep riff...get fucking original and reach outside the box..stop playing music just to get inside the box..pussies.. granted we are all stupid to some extent but educate yourself of the lingering danger ahead..use your music to enlighten onlookers to think for themselves... stop invested too much in the ideas of government, religion, and institutions where money is the sole purpose..what of that will you take with you when you're fucking dead. get smart. get active. get vocal. get fucking loud. or you will be replaced over and over and over again. nothing here will ever stay. open the gate. remember all the faces of the people you have crossed. willingness to have purpose is a start. willingness to burn...where will you reside..when will you scream?

we are not pink floyd...

but we will fuck some shit up..book us..buy us beer..and we will blow up the stage