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The Boys of Summer

Well, Summer is half over, and Winter is Coming (I had to say it!) but the best is yet to come! With 3 gigs left on the docket, along with a radio appearance, Lucid 8 will be rocking and rolling till the end of August. First up, on the agenda is Liquid Joe's on July 15th with Shasta and the Second Strings, then on July 16th KBER will begin running a month-long ad they produced promoting our new single "Milk n' Honey" as well as our show at Leatherheads with The Krew and Artisan Thieves on Aug 27th. Next, we have a gig with our friends 5 State Killing Spree and Jana and the Rebels at Club X on Aug 5th. Then on Aug 7th we will be featured on KBER's Salt Lake Soundcheck radio show! And then finally, will we be sharing the stage with The Krew and Artisan Thieves at Leatherheads in Draper on Aug 27th! And all of this while still trying to write and record our fourth album which we hope will be ready to release in the Fall. So, tune in to KBER and we'll see you at the show(s)!


In the Limelight Again!

Hey, Lucid 8 fans, here's some exciting news for you: we will be performing together for the first time with our new line-up on Tuesday, April 5th (tomorrow) on the TV Show, “Mountain Views” on Park City TV at 6:00 pm MST. What better way to introduce our new band members, Cody Hudson and Sean Lawson, to the world than on live television, right?!

In other news, Cody will be interviewed by Fausto Zanetti (Point Radio in Italy) Tuesday morning at 10:30 am MST! Use this link: http://radiopuntostereo.it/ at 10:30 am and push the big orange button on the right-hand side of the page to listen in and get to know Cody better, then tune in to PCTV at 6:00 pm to watch us perform some new music, live!

We also have several gigs lined up this summer and will be rockin' and rollin' every chance we get, so be sure to come on out and join us!

Finally, check back often because we just finished editing a new music video for our single “Milk n’ Honey” and will be releasing it very soon! Thank you and Ciao!


It Goes Down so Smooth and Sweet...

Here’s a little taste of what you can expect from our next album, “The Silver Cord”. The first single, “Milk n’ Honey” has dropped and we are really excited about it because it means that, finally, we can properly introduce our new lead singer, Cody Hudson, as well as our new bassist, Sean Lawson! Give it a listen and help us welcome Cody and Sean into Lucid 8! Thanks and enjoy!

“It goes down, so smooth and sweet…”

Back in the Studio!

We're back... in the studio, that is! We've got a new line-up, new music, and a new sound! With Cody Hudson as the voice and Sean Lawson rockin' the bass we can't wait to get back on the road and share our new sound with all you loyal Lucid 8 fans out there! We know it's been a long time coming and we thank you for your patience and we'll see you at the next Lucid 8 show!

The End of an Era

A couple of years ago we signed our first record deal with Midnight Records. We released two albums: American Eyesore and Idle Revolution. It's hard to believe, but the time has come and our record contract is expiring. There were ups and downs, good times and bad times, but we made a lot of good friends and had a great time making music! Our music will still be available online (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) for another year under the Midnight Records label. We want to thank everyone at MRP for all the time and energy they put into getting our music out to the masses! Thanks goes to Kent, Terrance, Cal, and Greg. We know there's some people we're forgetting, but if you work (or worked) for/with MRP then we want to thank you, too! Thanks for all the memories! Well, it's the end of an Era, but a new adventure is on the horizon. We have plans to record our fourth album and to hit the road for a summer tour. Now we've mentioned this before, but we WILL be releasing some new music videos as well as playing some big venues and sharing the stage with some well-known national acts. The future looks bright and we hope you'll join us for the ride! www.lucid8.net

Unlucky Lucky Video

A little over a year ago we made plans to shoot and release a video for one of our first singles "Lucky" to help promote our new album. The plan was to have the video ready to go at the same time as the album's release date. We even took a trip to Vegas a couple of months before its release to ensure that we would have plenty of time for the post production process. Needless to say, the video did not get released as planned and has yet to be released. However, we still have high hopes that one day soon it will be. Now, the video shoot in Vegas didn't go as we'd hoped it would and was riddled with problems. Without going into all the gory details, let's just say it could've gone better. We got a little bit of footage, but nothing that will likely make it into the final product. Finally, the album came out and we still didn't have a video ready to release. Every attempt we made to film the video was somehow thwarted by scheduling conflicts like: vacations, marathons, anniversaries, family engagements, etc. In the past if we wanted a video, we would just make a plan and then execute that plan and... BOOM... we had a video! But, for some unknown reason, it has been very difficult this time around. We thought, "Well, maybe it's not meant to be." And for a while we thought it would never happen. But, with a few phone calls, and a little persistence, month after month we found time to get together (sometimes one band member at a time) to film a portion of the video. At long last, we now have all the footage we need and our videographer/editor (Greg) is busy putting the final touches on it as we speak and we are praying it will be ready to release by Super Bowl Sunday. Hey, better late than never, right? Anyway, stay tuned for the release of our newest video "Lucky"! Coming soon? http://www.lucid8.net/videos

The Only One (Oh, baby, yeah...)

For those of you out there that are familiar with Lucid 8 and our music, you know that our musical style/sound is unique to say the least--because hey, let’s face it, there’s nobody else out there that sounds quite like us. Believe us, we’ve checked. Anyhow, we cover a wide range of musical genres (Rock, Soft Rock/Pop, Heavy Metal/Progressive, and Southern Blues) and have an abundance of musical influences including: Def Leppard, Queensryche, The Black Crowes, Train, and many more. There’s even a little bit of a Surfer/Ska sound mixed in there for good measure. Track number 8 on our album “Idle Revolution” is proof of that. It is titled “The Only One” and it barely made it on the album. Needless to say, there was quite a bit of back and forth on this one. Did it fit with the rest of the songs? Will our fans like it, or was it just too different? Well, we wanted answers to these questions, so we held a focus group before the album was released and discovered that it was actually one of the more popular songs! People were responding to it! With its upbeat tempo at 170 BPMs (beats per minute) and barbershop quartet-like harmonies, it scored a high 8.5-10 out of 10 across the board, so… we finally decided to just go ahead and put it on the album. However, there is a little bit of back story to this song. It was actually the first song that singer Eddy and drummer Jonny ever wrote together. Also, it was secretly recorded one weekend while Eddy was on vacation in California, and, he wasn’t too happy to find out that it was recorded without his knowledge because he made it known from the beginning that he wasn’t too fond of the song, so… there’s that. Anyway, he ultimately agreed to sing it and during his vocal session he was asked to add a bit more vocal flare during the reprise chorus. He was joking, of course, but he sang over and over again the words: “Oh, baby, yeah. Oh, baby, yeah…” After listening to the play back, we had a good laugh about it. In fact, for the longest time, the very last “Oh, baby, yeah” as well as the giggle at the end, remained a part of the song. Before the album was released though there were a few final tweaks made to the song and that part was eventually removed. However, we have in our possession the “Oh, baby, yeah” version and you can take a listen by copying and pasting the link below into your web browser. If you like the song you can find the album version on the “Idle Revolution” album on Amazon, iTunes, or on our website (www.lucid8.net). http://artcitysound.com/clients/Lucid_8/The_Only_One_alternate.mp3 “Oh, baby, yeah. Oh, baby, yeah… Oh, baby, yeah. Oh, baby, yeah… Oh, baby, yeah. Oh, baby, yeah… Oh, baby, yeah. Oh, baby, yeah… Oh, baby, yeah. Oh, baby, yeah… Oh, baby, yeah. Oh, baby, yeah…”

Lucid 8, Queensryche, PCTV, and More!

It's been a while since the last blog, so we have a lot of catching up to do. First things first, Lucid 8 has had some major gigs recently and has several more coming up in the near future. First, we had the great opportunity to open for Royal Bliss and Queensryche during the MDA ride for muscular dystrophy. We were very happy to participate in such a great cause to help raise money for all the kids who struggle with this disease. We are also happy to announce that we helped raise $225.00 by auctioning off one of our Idle Revolution CDs and a signed poster of the band! Second, we are going to be featured on Park City TV's show "Mountain Views" tomorrow night (July 1st) at 6pm, so be sure to tune in for that! And finally, we will be participating in the July 4th Sugar House Firework Show Celebration at 5pm. As you can see we have no intention of slowing down any time soon. There will also be plenty of opportunities to see Lucid 8 perform live and we hope to offer many more opportunities at the end of this summer as we are planning on hitting the road! That's it for now, but keep checking back in with us often to see where we will be playing next. We hope to see you there! www.lucid8.net

Up, Up, Up...

Our new album "Idle Revolution" has been released to the world and so far we have been getting very positive reactions! We sold nearly all of our physical CDs from the first run of 100 within the first week and have ordered a second run of 500. Our first single "The Truth" is currently in the regular rotation on Point Radio in Italy. Our song was also featured on Mag Blog Radio and we have seen our fan base increase significantly. With every step we take, we keep moving up, up, up... so, let's hope that trend continues! We also have some major shows coming up in the near future opening for national acts. And, finally, thank you to all our fans out there who believe in us and our music. Here's what a few of you have been saying about our music:

"Great, powerful guitar... I really wanted to get up and jump around... his voice has a 'shadowy' sound to it, which gives it richness, depth, and power... this has so much 'kick' and energy... great overall! Great power, great vocals, great message!"

"Heavy metal excellence... knockout stuff that suggests melody... the progression is good... grand designs, playful... a sprawling beautiful, brain belch of an album."

"The melodies are fantastic and the artist's vocal ability is magnificent, very strong and powerful with a lot more potential to come! The lyrics are very clear and crisp to hear. This artist is very talented and has huge ability and potential."

The Idle Revolution Begins in 7 Days!

After 10 months of writing, re-writing and recording our new album "Idle Revolution", we can finally officially say it is now out of our hands and just 7 days away until it drops and becomes available for download on all popular online media outlets! We will also have physical copies available through our website (www.lucid8.net).

A lot of work goes into a project like this and it wouldn't be possible without the help of all the many people who offered their services. So, we want to take a minute and thank all of those who contributed to making this album what it is. First, we want to thank Kent Rigby, the Executive Director of Midnight Records, for signing us to his label and believing in us and our music! We also want to thank Jason Jones, Owner and Operator of Art City Sound, who did a fantastic job engineering and mixing the album. To Terrance DH @ DH Audio Services for doing the final master. We must also give thanks to Mary Jones who took our band photos for the album, Rob Wilburn (our new bassist) for designing the cover art, Kim Baack for doing the final layout design, and to Kim K. Jones (our manager) for all her support over the years. We can't forget to thank Evan Snyder and George Jensen for all the hard work they put in while they were with us. And to our former bass player, Steven G. Simmons, for his memorable bass lines on the album. And of course a very special thanks goes to all of our family members, friends, and fans... without you, this wouldn't be possible.

Thank you! And remember, in just 7 days the Idle Revolution begins! And it's going to ROCK!