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OK so here is a great new youtube Video by Antwine

FIRE IT UP EVERYBODY!!! Well at least in the dance club. Watch out because fire it up has been released on youtube. Tonight its all fun and games and its time to move (paraphrasing) . I am listening to fire it up this very moment I can't stop getting the urge to dance. Even if your not a great dancer (speaking of myself) I feel like this song would pull me out on to the dance floor. So much fun. Well Antwine and I worked on improving the video quality with out going over budget. Promotion isn't cheap by the way. Its a bunch of fun if your promoting something you genuinely believe in though. thelyfeofme.com is something both Atwine and myself believe in. These tracks are fun, if you have any questions for antwine hit Antwine's Facebook up because he would love to hear from you. Below is the youtube video Fire It Up …. enjoy and don't be surprised is you get the desire to dance on the spot.