Album completed/craziness

Hey everybody! its a been a bit since the last blog entry and for that i do apologize!

its been absolute craziness in the totojojo camp as of late.

first of all the album is done and i/we are very pleased with how it turned out. i think you all are really going to enjoy what you hear! :)

second of all we are all safe. whew the tornado here did not touch us but we've had many friends lose their homes. its a very sad ordeal but we're staying strong. thoughts and prayers are much much appreciated

and last but not least Wakarusa went very well for us! we had an absolute blast and met a lot of really great people. we hope to play there again next year.

so what does the future hold for us not sure yet we're going into the rehearsal site today to start working on new material and we'll go from there. we hope to see you out and about this summer! until then...

peace and love, josh z

ToTo JoJo in the studio!

hey everybody,

just a quick check in from the studio. we've been busy here in the last couple of weeks! we had a smooth pre production session and we're in the middle of laying down the actual tracks! we've got drums, bass and rhythm guitar done so a little over half there!!

there is soooo much going on right now in the totojojo camp! so much that i can't announce right now! so stay tuned because its about to get nutty! \m/

- Josh Z

The TOTOJOJO Blog! Episode: 1

Hey! If you're reading this, then CONGRATULATIONS!! You've somehow managed to find the TOTOJOJO blog. This being our first blog...here's what you're in for. First of all a really good time. The content will mostly include news and other information that might be relevant to you. And so we don't overdo it, I will only be updating this once a month or so. Let's dig in. We would like to sincerely thank all the fans that voted for us to win the WAKA WINTER CLASSIC! For more information (and to see our lovable faces on a really cool website) check out "www.wakarusa.com". More fun on the main front! Our very own website is almost finished complete with a store for merchandise, sample music, and a calendar of events that even shows you the map on how to get there. Big thanks to Jonathan Cowan for helping us out with it. When it's finished we will post the link. Finally, be advised that we are in the studio recording a new album! More information on where you can get it coming soon. See you soon Blog-muffins!