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so this is christmas.....

hello to you in music limbo.. my name is justin and i am a glutton for punishment. seems these days i have been fighting with the urge to punch unsuspecting passers by square in the throat just for the sake of releasing all of my pent up aggression that would normally to taken care of by melting faces from behind a drum kit... this has not been the case for far too long! as of this very moment i am still stuck turing wrenches and performing safety recalls on pre fab turd buckets the federal government calls chrysler vehicals. this depresses me to no end and the idea of packing a ruck sack and living the hobo life gains favor in my mind with each passing day. why do i tell you this, mostly because there is no you from what i can tell, you is me and i like the sound of my own fingers tapping out some broken rhythm while venting thoughts burried far too deep and for far too long. i love music, listening, performing, writing music! since i was a small boy my dream has been to captivate audiences with my creations of body heart and mind.. problem is that this endevour has become a battle against un seen forces conspireing to destroy mine and countless others spirits through mass marketing and payolla, thats right i said it.. buy on tours, merch price matching, shit sound checks and lazy house sound guys to uninvolved to even bother turning on my fucking monitor! fuck that one pissed me off! i say to all those who endevour to create, keep the faith, the bozos will get there comeupence and to those bozos, eat a sack of un washed, un circumcised dicks! that is all.

Is anyone still listening?

Or reading, splitting hairs i suppose... so its been a while since anyone has heard from us, aside from our individual lives and projects of which you in far off corners of the world would have no access to poor sara has for all intents and purposes been lost in the vast sea of info-tainment and web surfing rabbit trails only to be stumbled upon by the most avid of night owl or driven musician trying to get his or her own art out to a world that really has no time for creativity unless the radio or tv tells them otherwise.... wow, quiet the run on a? so back to the point if there is one.. through the coarse of time and beyond many trials and victories, brad, myself, zach and new found guitarist anthony garza, have embarked on a journy to explore the possibility of continuing on with what in my own father like pride is a great cataloge of music and a metric shit ton of potential of which was cut short by our own inability to keep our collective shit together... if there is anyone out there who reads this, gives a shit or otherwise would like to chime in on this magical re birth, please feel free to drop us a line..until then reverbnation, keep on fighting, i know that some of you actually do care about art, music and integrity!


A friendly reminder to all of us that feel music like it was air in our lungs... Lighten up! Maybe this is more directed at me than anything, but why is this all such a chore? Why am I not having the time of my life? I will tell you why, because i have been so consumed with trying to "make it" that i forget that feeling we all get when we step out on stage, even if we dont get to do that very offten! That rush, that satisfaction of controlling the emotions of the people in the room! Even if for just a few moments i have you responding to me just the way we had crafted during so many hours of jam sessions and writing battles! Well no more! I will not be slave to the music biz, or any instrument there of! lets get to the core of why we do this, what ever reason that may be. If that reason is to live the "BIZ" well then just ignore the previous rant.. However if that reason is a Nobel, Romantic, Artistic, or just plain for the hell off it. Let us all make music in a pure spirit!

Turn off the radio!

In recent days we have become more and more agitated by the fact that San Antonio, by and large, really has no taste for original music! We make our plea by saying that this town has a community of extremely talented musicians. Musicians that have a great deal of creativity and artistic energy that they are dying to share with the world! It is hard as a band trying to get noticed, first by our community, then the state and regional level, then the nation, then the world. This is where You come in to play. You see, when a city has a professional sports team, people seem to take a great deal of pride when that team wins, either a game or a championship. We revel in the knowledge that they represent our town! They are like us and therefor we share in the greatness of their accomplishments! So why is it that when it comes to music, the greatest and most popular art form in the nation and possibly the world, San Antonio chooses to be represented by bands that play other peoples songs? Billy Idol is not from SA! He does not live here, did not grow up here, and probably really does not care all the much about us as a city.. yet when a band plays his music the people of San Antonio cheer and support the band as if Billy himself where a part of their very own family? There are Great bands in this town, Bone, Brent Woods, The Heroin! These are the type of bands that truly represent you SA! Turn off the radio and get yourself out to support what your city is creating for the world to hear! Help us get the word out to the rest of the state that San Antonio is great, that we have more to offer than any other city! Turn Off The Radio!

What do you mean?

So you may or may not have noticed that we often refer to the idea of melting faces.. this is a very violent reference that i think need some clarification. The reason we say this so much is that we have noticed the looks on peoples faces after they see us play for the first time. It is a contorted puzzled look of shock, as if to say "what the heck did i just witness?" Is this a good thing? We are not sure.. I suppose you will have to come find out for your self! As for us we enjoy shocking people who thought we would be just another San Antonio rock band, only to find out that this is not at all the case. What do we mean? Well that you will just have to find out for your self! Cheers!

Umm....What time is it?

Yea, umm, were gonna need you to come in on Saturday...ok. our bad. Having Office Space flashbacks! well, we got some new tunes written lately. Downtown is posted, and keep your eyes and ears open for Jericho, and Ballad of a Waltz. We have been burning the midnight oils getting geared up for shows, and i am stoked to finally be getting out on the road. we are constantly updating our schedule so link to it, and stay tuned cause you never know where we are playing next. the Myspace should be linked now....um...is anybody still on myspace? we if you are, then there is where you need to go and become our friend!! Big show announcement, we are playing at Sunset Station in San Antonio on the 4th of June so mark your calendars for that one. it will be huge!! well im getting long with this thing so good day!! Brad

moving right along

ok so we are moving forward here on reverbnation, thanks to our great friends and new fans! yall rock! we are still working to blow your faces off on the 19th, perfecting our set and working in those pescky back up vocals! brad has been sick for a few days now, but we all have extreme confidence in his ability to belt out them vox! we have begun working with mad cow productions and shanell, love ya baby, to add some big dates here in the future. we will fill you in on those as more info becomes available to us. we want you the fan to be in the loop every step of the way.. again we thank all of you for steping up to help us get our name out there. with so many great local bands out there today we are touched that you like what we are doing and want to continue to rock those socks off! the widgets that we post on facebook and myspace are for yall to share with friends that might not be friends of ours as well. and trust me when i say that it helps us out a great deal when you play them and share them! face book has forbid us from adding new friends thinking that we were spamers seeing as how so many of you became our friends so quickly, but wqe hope to rectify this soon and would thank you to suggest anyone you think might digg our stuff. we love you all and look forward to playing for you all very soon! cheers!