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What's New with Kim Tibbs Music?

You might be wondering what all is going on with Kim Tibbs Music??? Well for one, my band is so wonderful and already a powerhouse! Second, I have been truly getting myself focused on finishing my second album entitled, "Like You..." Third, I have been lining up events to play at so I can be near all of you soon! I have been busy but I am so excited about embarking on finishing this current chapter of life to start on the next one! People will come and go, but one thing remains the same: Music is my heart and will forever be Kim Tibbs! I love you all!!!! Kim Tibbs Music...

Hey everyone!!!!

Hey everyone!!!! It's me, Kim Tibbs!!!! I very seldom have time to be my own fan, and guess what? I actually sat here and listened to my songs tonight and also listened for what I would do differently to them? What am I getting at? Just because something is recorded a certain way doesn't mean that that is the final and finished product! As an artist, a songwriter, a musician, and a producer, my thinking has greatly changed over the years as well as my confidence growing has given lead to some great opportunities!!! What I am telling someone is to stop!!!! Don't be afraid to be the one to challenge YOU at doing something a little bit better! Explore YOU and YOUR OPTIONS!!! And believe it or not, my Iphone Voicenotes box is full from all the writing and re-writing that I have been doing for the last few weeks, but I am excited because God is doing some really major and wonderful things in my life...And I would not be able to sit here correctly and not add that things are starting to feel like a dream to me, so please if you have lost your dream, find it...Somoene else may have it in their possessions and walk around with it while you are looking desperately trying to find it! Stop letting conifidence breakers, break you and START building those for the kingdom of Heaven WITH YOU!!! Kim Tibbs


I want to take this opportunity to introduce everyone to the world of Kim Tibbs...a songwriter, a B-3 Organist, a pianist, a keyboardist, a lyricist, a producer, and lastly a down to earth person, I use music to help people around me happy!!!! Follow me and follow my dreams come to life...visit me also at www.KimTibbsMusic.com and sign my guestbook!!! That lets me know you were there!!! God bless! Kim Tibbs....