Killing Ivy / Blog

Ali Jebari (Fan on Facebook)

"Killing Ivy's music has more substance and chops than the other bands out there. I like the cover songs that Killing Ivy picked. However, their original songs are amazing. The vocals and guitar compliment each other well. On a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, I give Killing Ivy a 9."

Jeff Clements (Fan on Facebook)

"This could be the best example of south Texas feel good, fun vibe, that represents that connectoin, and passion for live music in Texas. Rock on brothers. Peace, Love, & B.B.Q. P.S. Evrything I could ask for in a live show, I felt like I was satisfiably ROCKED OUT, including the drunk HOT chick falling on the stage-monitors. Good times great people. I recomend that you all seek an overdose of fun, at their next show, and I am fussy about live music."

Two shows this weekend!

Friday March, 11th we play at Zombies! Check out Morning Star and Infinity Kill 3 great bands brand spanking new venue Come out and have a few drinks your friends! Also Saturday March, 12th Pedi-cab Bar "Killing Ivy" with special guest "A Day Like No Other". Its gonna be a busy weekend get ready for non-stop original rock!