Thanks for Everything...

We have had an influx of fans lately and it does not go unnoticed. We would like to say Thank You! to all of you and let you know that we appreciate you. Sometimes Bands try and try but we have had loyal followers and that is what keeps us going. Don't loose your wings and make sure you are on the ride with us. Let's take this journey together and all reap the rewards. Rewards being, open mindedness, awareness and individualism. We are artists and we express ourselves through music, but everyone has an outlet and you just need to find it; if you already haven't. Hope to see you at one of our upcoming shows. We will keep you posted. We love you for supporting us and let you know that we would not be here if it wasn't for you. HELL YEAH... LET"S GO!

"Don"t Call It a ComebacK" you know that tune...

We are ready to go, we have a few new members and a few ones came back. What a ride, we kind of dropped off for a while, but we are sounding better and stronger than ever; exciting times. Our new new drummer,Jeff Gabaldon, is incredible he is a seasoned percussionist that has been seen on MTV with his old SAN DIEGO band Stress. And then there is the return of the original singer, Dave Marshall, who is the vocals that your hear in most of the recordings. We are ready to take the stage and do this. Watch for upcoming shows and make sure you're part of the movement which is ANGELSHADE! See ya at the next venue.....

Here we go again..,

So, Angelshade is again seeking a talented front man with great vocals and presence. Our previous singer had to relocate due to personal tirbulations that made it difficult to continue to sing and perform with us due to distance of travel. We will be frank in saying, that Chirs is missed and will be difficult to replace. He is a rare find and has set the bar high for determining a new singer for our band. We have gigs currently ready to go if we can resolve this, hopefully we can fill this spot in the immediate. We are driving on and will not let this stop us from making music. If there are any interested candidates please contact us via our contact info on this site. We are in the East County of San Diego CA .

Into the studio

So we are about to go into the studion to record a new song that the lead singer of the band wrote called "The New American Dream". This is a great song and we are looking forward to get a great recording so that we may share it with you. Thanks to Signature Sounds Studios for working with us on this one. We look forward to building a relationship with them and to hopefully use their facility many times in the future.

Things are moving forward and we are we are excited as well to be involved and play with the band Maragold passing through San Diego on tour at The Ramona Mainstage. I have watched a few gigs here and like the venue. Hopefully you can get out to see us perform on Saturday May 24th at 10 pm. Thanks for all the support that we receive on Reverbnation, we do appreciate it immensely and we return the respect to all the others out there sharing there music with Us and everyone that wants to listen.

Her we go!!!!

1st practice with new vocalist Chris Cline was a great success and surprisingly productive. Thanks to the great work ethic of Chris and new bass player Jeff Leveroni, Angelshade is on a pace to get back performing. As mentioned in the previous post, look here and on Reverbnation for new music From Angelshade. Also visit us at www.Reverbnation.com/angelshade to hear our music and connect with the band members through their Musician pages. We look forward to seeing all of you soon. Thank you and much appreciation from Angelshade.


So as you read on the last post if you indeed read it, we have gotten a new bass player named Jeff Leveroni. He formerly played with an AC/DC tribute band called "Riff Raff". We were fortunate enough to pick him up. Now we just are trying to get a new singer on board. for some reason this has been a trial. We though we had it with a young man named George, but due to a family crisis he had to move. There have been others interested but no one willing to commit or make the audition they were so excited to be invited to. We are ready to go, we have the songs and more coming and have the gigs when we fill the position. Let's get the right person in the door and to quote Jeff, "get this train rolling". We look so forward to performing for the San Diego and LA crowds. Hopefully this will end soon and the right singer with the right voice for our music will step up and perform with us.



After an unfortunate happening at our last show, Angelshade is forced to make some changes to the lineup. We look forward to providing new music and content for you, but please be patient as we the process of auditioning Singers and Bass Players. If you are a Singer or Bass Plyer in the San Diego are and you like our music please feel free to drop us a email or fan us and let us know that you are interesed. We are looking to get back on stage soon. Thanks for the support and always let us know how you feel about the music, we love to hear your feedback.

Thanks Brad Hanna

Thank You

Angelshade would llke to express our gratitiude to all our fans new and existing. We understand that there are so many bands with so may songs and some how you have found our little niche on the web and took the tiem to listen to our music and liked it. Like any other Band we work hard and are affirmed when we see a fan notificatoin. We do love hearing from you and what yo think so don't be shy and please post your comment and opinions. We are planning to play out alot this year and would love to see you at our shows and personally meet you. Our first confirmed show this year is at Club Tropics, in Escondido, and the info is available on our home page under shows and on our facebook page as well. Like us on facebook www.facebook.com/angelshademusic Take time to look at our fan list and Recommendations. We are thrilled to see all the outstanding talent on Reverbnation; which has been a great tool for sharing our music and message.

Brad Hanna Angelshade

Made feature band of the day

We were the featured local band of the day on the rock 105.3 Facebook page,. Thanks to Rock 105 for that. here is the the link if you're interested. www.facebook.com/rock1053sd

New Song Upload

The track "Why" that we just uploaded is a song that was recorded on the fly as a reference track, so we don't forget it. It sounded pretty good with exception of the "Fly Guitar" recorded through the DI of the amp. We have added it to our set list but haven't had the chance to re- record it, but we will put it out there for your comments. Thanks for your support.