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I ain't slacking just taking a step back fo a sec to focus on the fam,but don't nap fo too long on me lotta ish on brew fo ya boi until then enjoy this good music

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Keeping up wit Chain

What up people it's ya boi Chain from DES Ent/Game Affiliated S/O to errbody Im fucking wit out here. Jus ta keep ya'll up on whats poppin wit me n the DES Ent. gang. Lil Boo's "Self Made,Self Paid" mixtape is currently out here in the streets and he'll be having a listening party on April 2nd,2011 @ a yet unknown location (stay tuned) Game Affiliated is dropping our mixtape in April titled "Hustle Music". C2G is set to release their "Triple Threat" mixtape by May.Scoot Rok aka HD is dropping "Getting money Is the rule V.2" this summer. and yes Imma drop my long awaited project sometime in the near future, bout Aug. or Sept. so stay tuned. We're in talks of persuing working on some things with a couple video game companies which is gonna be big. Studio Qrac is now Steady Rollin' studios and construction is almost complete. S/O to Wells Way & The Blood Cuzzins fo ft me on a couple tracks off their mixtapes "Makin Cash" off Don Toine's "4th & Goal" mixtape & "Big Thangs" off Masta Minds upcoming mixtape. S/O to Dj 4 Hire, Clyde B.,Scratch Master L,Collab on a Track, D Nasty,Trauma Beats,B.Till,Slugga Black,Supa Mario,Street Heat ISE,Mike Millions,Dub City, Elvis Freshly,Macintosh who jus picked by the AFL in Columbus (be looking fo'em) and anybody else Im fucking wit out here .