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more new music coming!!!

The Rain by Sons of Bill, Temple by Kings of Leon, and more

Sneaky Pete's Debut

Want to thank the wonderful crowd at Sneaky Pete's last night. So much energy!!!! Looking forward to our next visit.

Crazy Olive Threepeat

Last night was our third performance at Crazy Olive. We rocked the place and rang their cash registers. Place was packed and our new lineup performed well. Highlights included Nick Ferraro on harmonica and get this-Trumpet!!! Craig Farmer did a great job on vocals and the rest of us just kept on doing what we've been doing for two years. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us--our families, friends, and special thanks to the Lost Riders.

Our first wedding reception

Wow, what a great event. We played at Tween Waters Inn on Captiva for a great bride and groom and their cool friends. The rain may have forced a change in plans for the wedding a bit, but I believe we lifted the spirits of all those in attendance.