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Shouts out to all my supporters......we're trynna start a movement of Antihaterism....We are about working together to support the fellow artist while we're stuck in babylon. I recently put out an album with my long time friend Vicious 5150. He made all the beats as well. I.Z.K. who is a close collaborater with me just put out his new ep which I feature on 2 songs. R.C. Tha Hazard did all the beats for this one. Much Respect to everyone that supports me. I am always down to do free verses for people so reach out if you want a collab. I am taking my self serious for the first time with this exposure thing so It's hard to respond to everyone that messges me. I apologize if I haven't responded to you. If you need me for any inquires just label your messge as IMPORTANT ...that way I can tell the real compliments from the spam. Respect to the fans.

Mista Mead - Pre Revolution (Free Mixtape)

Copy andf paste the link below for your download http://www.datpiff.com/Mista-Mead-Pre-Revolution-mixtape.361959.html

Mista Mead and Vicious 5150 - Coverless Books

http://www.datpiff.com/Vicious-5150-and-Mista-Mead-Coverless-Books-mixtape.424964.html Check out this new duo album from me and Vicious 5150