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Klone's Support contest

Abstract Cell Theory have been chosen among 12 french metal bands to be part of the final step of the klone's support contest. Thus, we need you to clic on "i like" in front of our song under the following link. The winner will be the band most "liked" within the next 5 days. thanks for your support. Olivier / ACT https://www.facebook.com/pages/KLONOSPHERE/116139141750157

New times for Abstract Cell Theory

Both Olivier's and Yannis's scars are now healed. The band has recently signed with the french label Brennus and its songs are now available on all downloading websites (fnac, virgin, i-tune etc...).

The last rehearsals have revealed the huge potential of the new songs to come and some new venues are about to be annouced.

A new Abstract Cell Theory will soon burn your ears. A new

Hard times for Abstract Cell Theory

Involved in a small accident, Olivier can't move his left shoulder anymore and Yannis has got a kind of serious hip ache. Against all odds, Abstract Cell Theory has decided ti maintain their shox scheduled on 4th and 12th of february 2011, with the help of drum samples and a good chair.

We'd like to thank you all for your support during this painful phase and we hope to see you on stage very soon.