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Music Of The Sun


Rehoboth Beach, DE (McClatchey News Service): Local band Robot Surfer’s new album “Music Of The Sun” is, according to Bump Wuhan, keyboardist and composer, literally the music the sun makes everyday.

Based on new research from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, the band has been able to replicate the “music” that the sun makes.

“It all started when we read about this new discovery. Russ (Roles, guitarist) had been claiming for years that he could hear music emanating from the sun, but we all thought he was just crazy. What we have learned is that those coronal loops on the sun act like giant, 60,000 mile long guitar strings. The are ‘plucked’ when explosions erupt from the sun. This also creates the potentially devastating solar flares we always hear about.”

“Yeah”, adds Russ,”the explosions pluck the strings on the magnetic field in the sun’s outer atmosphere. Then these huge soundwaves oscillate back and forth, all the while creating massive solar flares. It is the ultimate ‘light and sound’ listening experience! And our new album recreates this whole experience!”

You mean the listener will actually experience hearing the sun making music with thousands of atomic explosions “plucking” the 60,000 mile long coronal loop “strings”, creating massive, blinding solar flares?

Wouldn’t that actualy terrify and harm a listener?

“The potential is there, especially in our live concerts, but Robot Surfer has never been for the weak of heart,” states Wuhan.

“Don’t forget, too”, chimes in Jared Mast, drummer,” giant sound waves are also generated, and they move back and forward, adding a ‘wind instrument’ effect. So it is like having a horn section, along with the bass and guitar of the explosions and coronal loops. Amazing! Wait until you hear this!”

So the same band that once claimed to be playing “nanomusic”, subatomic music that is undiscernable to the human ear, then claimed to be able to musically control time and space, has now gone to yet another extreme: playing music that involves “60,000 mile long guitar strings”, gigantic, cavernous wind instruments and the equivalent of a nuclear explosion every 4 seconds (for the rhythm section).

If these so called “musician scientists “ are to be believed, this new musical direction (and album, due in stores Tuesday) should prove to be quite an experience.


In talking with the band Robot Surfer, it becomes clear that they are a lifestyle and not just a band of musician scientists. Having developed something called “Bananotechnology”, they are out to change the way people listen to music. They are sonic explorers searching the musical landscape (“moonscape”?) for innovative ways to produce sound and listening pleasure. Just what is “Bananotechnology”?

“It’s actually an arcane method we have developed in our audiolab that produces sound waves undetectable to the human ear.” offers Bump Wuhan, keyboardist and vocalist.

Doesn’t that mean that you can’t hear this so called “music”?

“Technically, yes---it is invisible sound. But, we have determined that your subconscious can hear it and really get into it. It is actually an act of faith on the part of the listener. It is the evidence of things not heard, the substance of things hoped for.” offers Russ Roles, guitarist and vocalist.

Both Bump and Russ also maintain that soon they will be able to sing using the new technology, having developed a way to shrink vocals to the sub-atomic level.

“What we do is centrifugally shrink the sound wave down, enabling us to introduce it into the sub-atomic universe where it resonates billions of times. It is actually an eternal sound, similar to the music of the stars at creation.” chimes in Jared Mast, drummer.

“Wait, what you’re saying now is that your music has no beginning or end---that would be impossible!”

All three band members slowly smile and look around, then Bump offers this:

“Uh, we don’t want to say too much here. After all, this is proprietary technology and we want our fans to be satisfied. We know they are confident in this radical technology and that just by owning a Robot Surfer CD, they have stature in the world. They are saying to the world--hey, we’re more evolved, we are better than you--we listen to the unlistenable and have our consciousness raised in the process! It’s similar to getting a PhD or some type of diploma from a fancy college.” explains Wuhan.

The CD’s are 3 times the normal cost of a “regular” analog or digital CD and there are many skeptics who believe this is pure marketing. People are paying for perceived status, literally paying for sound they can’t hear.

“But their subconscious hears it!” maintains Roles. “Their subconscious delights in the resplendency of eternal sound waves cascading about. Many say if they dance to our music they experience a heightened sense of reality.”

All 3 scoff at my suggestion that people have had similar experiences dancing to other bands and that the ingestion of alcohol and other substances may be the more likely cause.