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ready to be marketed

Been practicing and polishing my skills for years and am ready to share my gift. Most who know me could think I waited too long but that is not so, as the timing is now perfect. Life challenges have brought me to here and soon you will hear why I am certain that now is the time

FM Airplay hits 95.9 FM glens falls

Hits 95.9 FM hosts a Sunday night local show 9pm, this week my Holiday song will be featured. I wrote it specifically for the show and did so the night before deadline, so tired I couldn't give it an honest perspective on what I thought of it. Today got confirmation that it will be aired this Sunday night and Jason Irwin also sent me an added note saying "Great song, I Love it"....I'll be listening, in case you're out of listening area ......podcast available here...http://www.hits959.com/category/local-95-podcasts/

keep it coming

The new music, independent artists and sheer unknown aspect of what you might find here keeps me very interested Rock on Revnation...love you all

why we Rock

I don't agree w/ my band mates on many levels, except tolerance and putting aside differences to be in harmony


Really digging this site and having a valid place for my music to be shared, at first I was skeptical but staying was no mistake and I thank the people who made that an easy choice and to all the great musicians I have found here....Life is short...Rock on


Welll awwwlllrite made it to #1 and it's kinda fun...thanks to all who stopped by for a listen...what is music without you all...nothing

thank you everyone

Thank you.... seriously..... to all who have taken the time to listen to my music and comment ...feedback is good and on my amp as well



campground gig

played a gig with a new drummer and bassist this weekend.. and this guy from westchester ny who saw the grateful dead over 100 times said we sounded awesome and asked how long we'd been together...my R&R reply....since 6:30