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Keep creepin on

We have lots of new shit in the works so keep up to date here - https://www.facebook.com/creepyband and here - http://creepyband.bandcamp.com/ and here - https://twitter.com/creepyband That is all.

Carnival of the Damned release!

Finally recieved 500 beautiful vinyl records and set our album release date for Fri. Aug 8th with North by North! Pre-orders are up at our bandcamp page, creepyband.bandcamp.com and keep posted for more terrifying news coming soon to a venue near you!

New Music!

Stream track #1 off our 2nd full-length album, 'The Curse of The Cloak II: Carnival of The Damned,' now entitled - 'Manhunt'

New Horrors Coming Soon..

We have all sorts of new shit coming up, festivals, shows, tours, merch, and 'The Curse of The Cloak II: Carnival of The Damned,' begins production 8/4!! Keep on the lookout for all things creepy at creepyband.com and facebook.com/creepyband!

Curse of The Cloak Release!!

We are disgusted to announce that our first full-length album is completed and will be unleashed unto this wretched world this Halloween!! Be warned...The Curse of The Cloak is upon us!!

New Record!!

We finally will begin recording our first full length album, 'The Curse of the Cloak,' in early 2012, we also will have new merch, and new songs to terrify everybody soon enough.. So keep your eye out for a Creepy Band show near you, and beware..THE CURSE OF THE CLOAK!!

New Record!

Since Creepy Band has been back in action we've been terrorizing people and venues alike, spreading our gospel to all... Now we are pleased to announce that we will be recording new material for our first full-length album, 'The Curse of The Cloak,' more horrifying than ever before to be released on the greatest day mankind has lived----OCTOBER 31, 2011 at 12:00 AM SHARP-- during our 1-year anniversary / record release party / Scary Halloween theatrical extravaganza at The Beerics!!!

There will be all sorts of NEW Creepy Band gear like T-shirts (designed by Ray Knipe), stickers (by Tom Jenkins), records, CDs, tapes, free download cards, posters (by Ray Knipe), other assorted Creepy Band artwork, and the scariest surprises humanity has ever experianced..

Listen, See, Smell, Taste and Feel the agony --The Curse of The Cloak!

Creepy Band is back!

Our organist Sam Huff is back! This means we will be playing shows and scaring everyone we can find.. Look out for our new T-shirts, stickers, buttons, and other horrible things you'll have nightmares to!

Creepy News!

Creepy Band will be taking a short leave from April 1st until June 10th. Don't worry, there will be plenty of summer shows and new things happening throughout those months. Like our first music video to the song,'Ray's Riff' filmed and edited by Bob Begandy, new creepy T-shirts and stickers, and other horrible surprises that will leave you pissing your pants scared!