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Alright. Alright. Bet.

So we are into the first quarter of 2011 and man it has been great. We have already been across the country rocking the hearts and mind of men, women, boys and girls along the western seaboard. Our first month and a half of 2011 has put is over 21 shows so we are on good time. We are going to focus the next month up to SXSW on writing and working on our show. SOOOO... Get ready for an explosive week in Austin from March 17th through the 19th. Lots planned and we are especially excited. Our show last night in our home town of San Antonio was great as expected. Our next home town show will be on MARCH 16th @ Jack's on Thousand Oaks!! It's a Wednesday night and we play VERY EARLY!!! WE SERIOUSLY PLAY AT 8PM. Some of us sleep till 8pm but we will be playing. That will be the start of our SXSW week so let's DO THIS!!! Also playing that night will be Valient Thorr and Top Dead Center. This will be a good time.

We have so much to gear up for. We will make another West Coast tour in June and in between then we will make a route to Chicago through the Mid West some time in May. Be on the look out for tour updates!! Please make sure to pick up any of our releases at BEST BUY or download them on iTunes!!!

See you guys soon!!



We are leaving tuesday night to Tulsa, OK. It will be nice to hang out with good friends and play some songs. Can't wait.

Lynnwood King.