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Draw Me Out

Searing rock'n blues guitars and bass by Spynn, an original and erie bedtrack idea by Gus, and a set of deeply visceral lyrics I wrote (as a response to 9-11) come together in this vicious track. This one is one of my faves and I'm really happy to finally have the opportunity to share it with the world. Let me know if you like it! Several years ago, this tune made a live appearance with the help of the Aliens and a stellar independent drummer (anyone remember his name?) at Trembita in Toronto. There may be video out there somewhere. Draw Me Out was also used by Unbridled Aerial Works for their acrobatic duet "Passion".


Today, I'm working through a song about a heroic act that I saw today. It really moved me. Two guys, sitting in the window of a restaurant, saw an accident across the street and bolted to go help an old lady who had fallen hard and really hurt herself. The boys were the first people to her side and totally stayed with her until she was taken care of. Back at the restaurant, another customer who was moved by their actions, asked if she could pay for their lunch. Another act of goodheartedness. Wow. This event really stirred happy tears in me. So cool. Amongst truly good people.

Good Idea.

I recently wrote one of the prettiest songs I've ever written.... about someone I hated for many years. Amazing how music can change things. Take an idea, add words, add music and the original idea may be a seed that blooms into something else altogether. The moral of the story seems to be "just do it", like the old exercise slogan. If I'm afraid to express myself, my real story, it's ok. Music is a pretty safe place for it all. Most of the thoughts are so far out of context that even if the stories are recognized for what they are, the authenticity is what makes it a statement. Sometimes, the route to happiness takes a turn through a few tears and thats the way its gotta be. If I were to take my own advece: "Have faith. Don't be afraid to fly if that's what you're meant for."

True Pop

A-ha! A Challenge! My producer and I have been jamming about the meaning of pop. The lyrics, the style, the tempo. Hmm. Do all pop musicians sing through tuning software? I have to notice that most of my faves don't but some of those guilty-pleasure faves certainly do! Short of getting into lengthy debate about the integrity of pop music in general, I have faith in the process of creating music. I think that the more music gets made, the more GREAT music gets made, and this is what pop is... popular, awesome stuff. Addictive, can't-get-enough stuff. So whatever. Make music. Follow it through and don't get caught up in the particulars. Analysis is great to learn, but can be kinda limiting if taken too seriously. This experiment on RN has taught me a lot, and I'm glad for it. More music coming soon. :)

On the tip of my tongue.

In a few days, look for my new song Into You. I was going for intensity.... aiming to hipnotize and mezmerize. Enjoy! Song fragments, riffs, chords, random rymes.... what it all amounts to is an overactive mind! Summer, always the answer, will reveal the meaning of all this. Playing in the low stress summer days really makes me happy. Can't wait. I have a little ditty in the works about a celebrity that I occationally spot in a local hangout... I don't understand why, but I get all giggly when they show up. I'm not star-struck, just engaged in admiration. Professional admiration. Never before have I noticed myself practising celebrity worship, but there it is.

What's that called when....

you get a song stuck in your head? I've heard it called a jingle bomb. I've also heard it called an "ear worm". Eeewe! Apparently, the second term is a scientific one to describe the brain activity effect of having a riff or a particular sound circulating in your mind. Currently, I have a particularly seductive bass line looping there. My producer sent me a new mix of my song Into You, which will be up in about a week, featuring the said bass line. What a treat! I can't wait to share it. So are there any other terms to describe the addictive nature of looping riffs? Please let me know, and I'll post them here!

Studio calling....

My mandolin seems to be playing in the back of my mind as I go through a very busy few weeks till I can get back into the studio. A recent tune, that emerged about a week ago, is like a scar that heals a little every time I play it. Sometimes songs have the power to transform my life for a while. Music creates such an atmostphere when it plays anywhere.... and when a song runs through your mind, it colors the world a bit. I'm planning my travels and a few special visits for the summer months. I imagine I'll play in many unexpected places. Love summer. The other day I remembered how much I can't wait to wear some of my summer dresses. Won't be long now.

Hat Head!

New release coming soon. Look for "Fool" this week. Hat Head: Sounds like a new song... I've been made aware that I need a new hat. An excuse to shop! Being from Calgary (originally), I have five cowboy hats. Being Canadian, I have a multitude of knit caps, or "tuques" as we call them. A few ball caps grace my hat-shelves, suncaps, sunhats, raincaps, fancy hats, vintage hats, hats that can only be worn with pins and at least one visor. I like to be a chameleon, and the headwear really transforms a person! No, no new hats. Maybe a new picture. Maybe a new video! Check out my last video by looking up The Only Royals on Reverb Nation. I used to sing for them. Nice music, good memories. Playing live has always inspired me to wear cowboy hats. Its the rocker/folkie in me. I can't imagine there's much country to my style...... (This is clearly my denial. I have too many cow-boots to stand on my conviction.) Music and style, hand in hand. High notes and high hats. Boots and bass notes.

Parties and Cowboys.

I love songs that are a story. Real ones or total fantasy will do. My blog title for the day indicates a few recent subjects. Going for some upbeat material! I'm trying to write a waitressing song. About a dozen years ago, I wrote a waitressing song about quitting....."I'm not going to serve you, anymore!"..... with Gus Apostolos playing a passionate flamenco underscore. Now, I'm back at it on the weekends, waitressing up a little storm. I like it all over again. I'm guilty of loving the top 40 music that plays really loud, and I'm totally guilty for loving bacon so much! The gossip is good and harmless, and getting to know my neighborhood over their breakfasts is pretty great. Its a chance to dance in the aisles between the tables and make grumpy hungry people into satified and happy people. There'll be a song in there somewhere!

In my dreams.

So does it happen to anyone else that a song will appear in the air just as your laying down to sleep? The decision...... to haul myself out of bed.... or not, to write down the tune. To catch it or not. Oh, the ones I've missed! I lament them, but appreciate them too. They were just for me. The ones that get into the process are to be shared with the world. I wonder what other people catch. Are they imaginings? Or a rhyme? A tune, a rhythm? How do other people do this? I just get things stuck in my head til it starts to make sense. Occasionally, they're inconvenient, but I'm so glad they come. The t-shirt designs I've posted are some of the ideas that I see in my imagination when I tell the story of the songs. Its kinda neat to share them. Enjoy!