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Oh September.

Today means so much to so many. As we commemorate a day that rocked the world ten years ago, the natural world is celebrating a hayday at the end of summer. Birds fattening to fly south or weather colder weather, bees buzzing around aimlessly, cuz their usefulnes for the year is done. Our world of human affairs is so far removed from this natural scene of long amber sunbeams. And while the flowers go to seed, we send ourselves back to work and back to school to keep from doing the same. It seems to be our nature. A friend told me the other day that she loves fall. I stared in disbelief! She said she loves the colors and the sweaters and the freshness of the air. And Indian summer. I understand, and I too love all these things. And as for 9-11, more tears will happen as they may, because that's how people heal. I wrote the lyrics for Draw Me Out after 9-11 because I wanted all the suffering around me to go away. I wrote it as a way out of the pain. To capture a bit of hope. Enjoy the day.

Another Beautiful Day

Dear School...please be merciful. It's been such a great summer that I'd love to love coming back to you next week, but you don't offer sunshine and days of sleeping in. You do however offer endless commutes for writing poetry, and wifi in class with which I can continue my search for great music, and being a huge fan to the ones I've already found. Oh school, please let my subjects be interesting and fruitful for great lyrics and blow-my-mind ideas to encourage me. And please....please.... give me a few minutes off everyday to play mandolin! And finally, may all the other musicians that have to go back to school, as I do, find similar benefits. One more weekend. Sweet summer, with your fireworks show! With your fireworks show.

RoboKitty  (over 6 years ago)

I hope the commute pays off in a lot of new poems. myself, I find long bus rides are great for writing and musing musefully... may the muses always be amused by you and stay on yourside

Oh Summer.......!

So I wrote Dried Leaves at about this time last year.... I can see those same little crispy leaves floating about, on the ground again, on folks' cars, in the folds of my clothes and my hair. As I get ready to go back to school, I'm enjoying a quick look-back on the subjects of my writing this summer: Tornadoes and rain, freedom, collections, mandolins, winks, parties, being a woman, the existence of love, and... I've poured through the english language to find everything that rhymes with bacon. Yes bacon. Because it's yummy. These are some of the tunes that may appear in the coming year. I love how they take time. I love how some of them grow like weeds, while others swell slowly on the drawing-board... or music stand, as the case may be. I love how some of them have many versions that excite me for different reasons. Making music is fun! Glad to be sharing with you all.

SPYNN  (almost 7 years ago)

"Ditto" ...... except the "being a woman part" ..... this is Spynn here.

Allure...Playing Live.

Just played at an open mic at McKenzie's on Bloor. So fun! I forget how fun it is to just go and play with no preconceived show nonsense. There's a whole community out there, and the joy is in sharing the tunes and enjoying the contributions and feedback from other artists. And what a gorgeous day, as the sun sets over High Park. Recently, I've played at several parties and over some memorable campfires, but the live experience is invigorating..... saving all the precious moments for the studio, and leaving the music raw for the barflies. Rock on.

New Song Needs A Video!

I see dance. Cars. Driving. Firelight. And starlight. Any thoughts? Let me know what you see in your mind's eye for this song.


Nothing like being off the clock. Nothing like rising when the sun comes up and going to bed when you're tired. And nothing at all like being between places on a journey, somewhere on the route, and nowhere specific. I've just returned from such an epic vacation, and to pay tribute to the wonders of summer holidays, my song "The Traveller" will be reissued this week. Previously recorded by The Only Royals, this new version takes it into a new environment. The riffs make me want to dance. Spynn really outdid himself playing several superb guitar lines. This track'll make you want to wear cowboy boots. Look out!


Wait for it..... kickin' it country! I just went shopping for a couple rinestone belts and Stampede shirts. (Yes, Tyrone... they're clean) Broke out my cowboy boots and and classic cowgirl hat to play a gig. Very country. Lots of pancakes. Working on the final touches of a country tune I previously recorded with The Only Royals.... except this time, the riff will make you want to dance. Don't be afraid to hop in your pick-up, call your posse and get together at the barn. Amazingly, cowboy boots are in fashion in the East these days, so I know the world is ready for this! You'll have to wait though. A few more days... next week maybe.... Yippeeyayeeeeee!

Soon. New tune.

Showcasing stunning guitar stylings by Spynn, Three Little Words will be posted in a few days. Really enjoyed working on this one. The seeming simplicity of the tune tempted us to complicate the delivery in several ways...I was drawn to blusify the vocal, and Spynn had some strong musical ideas too. Then we had to pull it all out of the mix to expose the essential. Tune it perfectly, then walk away! Look for the 3 little words! I tempt you to notice the two major chords that are carefully placed...... This track was written for all kinds of lovin!

Sweet Summer

Last year, I was walking through my building, passing cars in the parkade, where I've developed quite a crush on a car that isn't mine. It's so cute! It's a black Acura that I've secretly named Sammy. I feel like I'm betraying the devotion to my Subaru that is the true object of my affection. But Sammy's people take good care of him, and his paint job remains alluringly glossy and slick. On this particular day, Sammy was covered in tiny orange and yellow leaves and just looked like he'd blown in from a fall whirlwind. ...."Dried leaves.... in the parking lot..." my mind started. And so the original sin that began the writing of Dried Leaves is my crush on somebody else's car. Sweet Sammy.

Happy Songs

I've had a request for some happy songs. I daresay I have a few on the way. I think of some of the most famous happy songs... "Don't Worry, Be Happy" comes to mind. "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life." Also "Don't Stop"(thinking about tomorrow) by Fleetwood Mac, and "Golden" by Jill Scott. Definitely "Que Sera" and "I Can See Clearly Now". And so many more!!! I like my happy songs because I can play them anywhere and they are enjoyably received. Alternatively, songs that have certain flavours of bittersweet, touch only those whose taste is already acquired. But everyone knows happiness. My next song to post is a pretty happy one. "Dried Leaves" is about positive change and thoughtfulness. It makes me happy to sing it, and I see people on the journey with me when I do. Enjoy!