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Updates April 2011

Hey fellow music lovers!

I thought it was about time I stopped by and say Hi. As you can imagine, I'm pretty excited with the lead up to the release of "The Journey Home" and have been flat out organizing to get that ready in time for May 27.

Basically, the music is completed (check out the tunes on the page for a listen! :) ) the artwork is finalized and photos are nearly completed. Next step will be pressing it, releasing the CD and also uploading these tracks to ITUNES for those of you who prefer purchasing in the mp3 world :)

I've been in touch with my web designer Mick Davies who did outstanding work on my guitar tuition website www.guitar1on1.com.au and i'm in talks for him to build my first artist website. I have many ideas there and looking forward to getting that underway.

After this, I plan on searching for a drummer, keyboardist and bass player to put a band together, rehearse heaps and share my music with you live while of course continuing to write in the meantime for the next album and beyond!

It's exciting times ahead and I really thank you for your continued love and support.

Stay tuned

Peace out!


Show tonight.

Hey if your out and about in the city tonight stop in at the Caxton Hotel (Caxton St in the city)

I'll be there from 9.30-1.30 playing some covers with band Stifflers Mum!

See ya there!



February 3, 2011

Hi Friends!

Well, I've finally gone ahead and built up a profile on Reverb nation! Stay tuned for more updates as I add more content shortly!

Peace out!