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In Her Ear's Complete!!!!

Its been a long journey & The Grit don't quit!!! With that, I'm proud to inform You That My newest album " In Her Ear " has been sent off to mastering & It Bangs Y'all!! REALSHIT... There's alot of good new music & rappers out there but I'm kinda feelin UnFukWitable!!!! " In Her Ear " is the most musical Album I've ever created & this is comin from the Co Creator of " 5 Fingers of Funk " a totally All Live Band!! Although the Subject matter remains Wild, the word play & lyrics are dope!!! Be sure to download & put a ear to this good shit & spread the word for a Playa!!! Excuse any Typo's...Im doin this Shit Myself & Im not a Narrator or Editor... I'm just Me & I figure You'd rather hear the news from Me first!!! Spread the Word!!!