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Tumbleweed: A Musical Project

Me and a friend have started a musical journey into deep blue space. A project named Tumbleweed. Our Reverbnation page can be found here: http://www.reverbnation.com/tumbleweedthemusicalproject This will be a visual and musical story about two astronauts who land on a mysterious planet and encounter strangers of the village named Tumbleweed. Hope you'll enjoy this very exciting project!

About För Snygg För Dig

Just a quick blog to explain the Swedish song I just recorded/uploaded tonight: I rarely record songs in Swedish but this was a lot of fun :D For those who can't understand the language, it's about my unfortunate habit of falling in love with guys who'd rather sleep around with other girls than me (jerks lol). I wanted to create a multi layered guitar melodies sound ala John Frusciante in the early 90s and was quite pleased with the results. The title in English is Too good looking for You, and I might do an english version of it later on for fun.

John Frusciante & To Only Record Water For Ten Days

My love for recording music began when I was inspired by John Frusciante's album To Only Record Water For Ten Days and wanted to make music that made me feel as good as that album did. He used a Clavia Nord synth, various Fender guitars, an Akai drum machine and an 8 track Boss recorder; So I purchased those instruments, knowing he had the taste for the best in musical instruments/equipments. If it wasn't for his beautiful music I don't think I would've started recording music at all. That album made me curious and excited about how such amazing music could be made. All of his work is breathtaking because he has a strong passion for music, he lives it, he breathes it, he dies without it. Thank you John for inspiring me and leading me in the right direction.

MySpace Account

Just created a MySpace account! Join me here: myspace.com/laramaymusic :)

Microphone Gear

This is a note to myself to visit the local music shop, ironically positioned right next to my Flower Shop, and buy some awesome microphone gear. Don't forget!

KEIFYB  (almost 6 years ago)

aye you should get some ace vocoder