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Big shout out to SOCIAL STANDARDS for tearing it the fuck up onstage and in the pit last night!!! Was an amazing show!! Also to DEREK LENNON for giving up his life for the Carnage Krew by getting a tibia/ fibula fracture in our pit. Big thanks to NATALIE NATH for all the hard work she put into promoting the show, to DAN PAPROCKI and the staff of the Rocker Room (congrats on getting Buyback dedicated to you, but also getting the "but these bartenders are awesome so this song doesnt apply to them" disclaimer) and a HUGE thanks to all our freinds who came out last night...Even with the pit injury it was still a great night!! "Enter in our dancefloor, we have you in our clutches.....People slamming so hard they end up in crutches!!!" -The Carnage Krew Anthem (Killing Spree) Next show in 2 weeks at Europa Sameer from Carnage Krew and DJ from Merauder's bday beatdown...who will the next Karnage Krew Kasualty be??? (Who cares...its my birthday come out and get me drunk haha)

Time to Kick it up a Notch

So after 10 years of playing shows, hangin out with good friends and family (and bad ones,) we're trying to have some semblance of competence in the way we're running the band. We recently set up a facebook, this ReverbNation page, a twitter page, have been working with promoters and clubs to get better shows for you guys to enjoy with us. We have stickers coming in the mail, and are currently designing t shirts. If you have any suggestions or just want to yell at us, feel free...supposedly that's what all this social networking crap is supposed to do. And yeah, feel free to rip, download, steal, copy, torrent, repost any of our songs and/ or videos, because we don't care. We anticipate that this is going to be the best year for Carnage Krew, and Carnage Krew Crew yet, so keep that PBA card RIGHT behind your drivers' license, strap in (or strap on...but you don't need to tell us about all that) and enjoy the ride!!! -Sam