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The thing about drummers...

...is that the really good ones are very hard to come by.

There's a few different kinds of drummers.

First there's the kicker. Those are the guys who sound really good when they play one drum a lot of times in a very short span of time. Primarily, the kick drum. I understand that rhythm is all about repetition but there is a point where if a certain sound is repeated quickly enough it is no longer percussive. It just becomes a bass note. This irritates bass players because they like their bass notes, and not the drummers. This is why metal bands are always looking for bass players.

Then there's the talker. Those are the drummers that talks about playing more than he plays. You feel like you just have to start playing the song to make him shut up. The actual playing is sometimes decent, sometimes not, but the entire time you jam with this type of drummer you wonder if when he practices he just talks to himself instead of actually playing.

There's the overcounter. This type of drummer always loves Neil Peart, and or Danny Carey and/or, Mike Portnoy. Great drumming influences. This type of drummer has the capability being very excellent. This drummer is also not convinced that every other member of the band knows what they're doing until every beat in every measure is counted out and decided that it has the right to be there with all the other beats. Every part of every new song is regarded with rhythmic suspicion. To them, guitarists, bass players, and piano players possess little rhythmic skill compared to their mastery of beating on things. Warning: don't follow them down the math path unless you really want to break into the truly unknown rhythmic territory of "well I guess you could call this 27/19 time but to keep it simple we'll play it 5 times through and we'll get back to 4/4". You have just finished you're first 37 minute song.

Then there is the best drummer you'll ever find! This person lives rhythm. This person has difficulty breathing without beat boxing and moving his wrists as though Vic Firth 5Bs are an extension of his fingers. This person always has a steady walk, hands at his thighs tapping out rudiments with his thumbs. When this person drives he doesn't bother hitting the blinker, shifting gears, or even stepping on the gas until he has completed his air drum fill. This guy has sticks and a practice pad. No one knows where they come from or where they go but every possible free moment they are out irritating everybody in the dog food section of Sam's Club. When you try to explain the next part of the song to this guy he interrupts you by playing for you an idea he had. This drummer cares not what kit he plays on, he doesn't need four toms, or even two, he just finds a way. This person is by far the most annoying person you'll ever meet, they are awesome, and they are 1 in 100.