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Hi Rnation fam,if you having problems with responding or connecting with mails on the replies segment please let the Reverbnation organisers know...it used to be easy to respond to a mail when it came with a REF on the top/Subject!Let,s act now!Let,s make them know!


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Let,s all unite even when we have to fight,let our fight be for the betterment of everyone and mostly the game.I need you as much as you need me so let,s all be supportive and never tire doing this.This is our game,our future,our love!Let,s tenderly care for one another and respond to each other,s call and let,s not be selfish calling out for favours while inturn doing no favours to the other.To be number one means nothing than to heard and respected!So to all my fellow playas let,s take time to give than to receive and also give more than we receive!For the betterment of the game and the future!Wish you all the best and much success in whatever you do and in every genre of your music.One Love!One nation!Reverbnation!

Support and Unity

Would you rather spend the day listening to your songs or would you rather listen to other artists songs as they in turn listen to you and make the game real?There are some in Rnation who are so selfish they don wanna listen to your stuff while all the while they want you to listen to their stuff!They all forget we all artists and these ain,t about a number on the chart but about being heard!As a fact the real fans are out there,not any of these artists!We all artists for God,s sake! These is all support,we should all 4get whose better than the other learn to appreciate each other and think what we can do together to break into the mainstream n 4get about am NUMBER__________.For a fact this is the best site so far for any artist,let,s not abuse it but make use of it for a better art for all of us.Let,s stop all these lame excuses i can,t listen to your stuff am busy on my grind..everyone,s busy let,s be supportive to each other and ride on!!with that said i will take time to listen to tracks from your playlist and comment,if you do the same for me and let me know. I WILL RETURN THE FAVOR ...Know that I am a MAN OF MY WORD!!I wish you success in your career as an artist!will meet you somewhere on a show,video,song,colab,wherever man!stay on your grind!One love!Please listen to my stuff n comment!my comment will be on your page playa!all the best!Keep grinding!

Kristine  (about 7 years ago)

Amen, Diamonah!

still praying

a peace campaign song to keep our streets safe.Hit listen to the content keenly.Conscious lyrics!

asmani ya abibi

diamonah and Simple j a south sudan artist

still praying

riddim hiphop