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OCTANIC will be performing on the big Paul Dianno and Blaze Bayley all ages concert event on Sunday 25th November at Fowlers Live Adelaide. Paul Dianno and Blaze Bayley former vocalists of Iron Maiden will be performing together for the first time ever in Australia and New Zealand. In a world exclusive, for their co-headlining sets both singers will be belting out only Iron Maiden songs. Classic tracks from their respective albums with one of the biggest heavy metal bands in the world. This promises to be a must-see event for any fan of Iron Maiden and heavy metal! Also on the bill will be Adelaide's MATTERHORN.

Get your tickets now at www.moshtix.com.au and www.venuetix.com.au.

Check out the Tour Promo Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEUMEFNlJRo

OCTANIC release DEADWORLD video clip

OCTANIC filmed their new film clip DEADWORLD over two days in April 2012 on a Nangari property in Taplan, country South Australia.

After a long day of travelling and setting up, the night footage was filmed first on that night in and around the ruins of the remote abandoned property. It was very much open to the elements, complete with dust storms, wasp nests and a contrast of both apocalyptically hot and freezing conditions as day became night, which made them absolutely perfect to set the post-apocalyptic tone of the shoot.

After many hours of very enjoyable but exhaustive night time filming packed with plenty of fire and pyrotechnics shots, the band and crew finally retired for a few hours rest to a nearby country hotel, only to be back up and ready at the crack of dawn travelling to a different nearby open field location to set up and film the remaining daytime footage. Filming continued through the day right up to the awesome sunset to finish off the clip perfectly.

OCTANIC would like to thank the talented skills of Nick Majcen, Ben Crossley and Monica Dimasi from Majcen Films for their hard work with the pre production and filming of DEADWORD. A big thanks also goes to Alana Massalsky for make up and costuming. Mark and Skye Hamble and Peter and Justine Fogden for the use of their properties, wonderful hospitality, generosity and support. Mark Winders from Brandon Promotions for help with pre production and on location co-ordination. And finally anyone else who has helped us with the making of the clip in any way.

DEADWORLD is taken from the band’s new recently released self titled album.

The video can be accessed from this link: http://youtu.be/f1f5HlkVlW8

For more information about Majcen Films, visit: http://www.majcenfilms.com

OCTANIC release new album

OCTANIC release new album

Epic is the word most commonly used to describe anything OCTANIC does and that is certainly the case for their debut full length album that is officially released.

The much anticipated new 2012 sophomore self-titled release is an addictive blend of majestic keyboards, bone-crunching rhythms and soaring lead solos, coupled with passionate vocals and compelling lyrics.

A complete lack of compromise was adopted in order to create the most genuine sounds possible featuring live strings, horns, and the amazing talents of the Adelaide University Choral Society. The album was recorded at Deep Blue Studios, Adelaide and mastered by famed Swedish producer Jens Bogren (Opeth, Amon Amarth, Soilwork).

“It’s been a long time coming, but we like to think we’re offering the Australian metal scene something different with this release”, comments keyboardist Andrew Baillie, “it’s many styles blended together and provides great variety in sound”.

"...overtly epic, Octanic have many bases covered...the creativity pool must be overflowing." - Mark Lennard, Heavy Music Magazine

“Octanic create a killer piece of work that runs for nearly an hour...both aggressive and melodic packing a real emotional punch, never boring or predictable.” – James Brazil, dB Magazine

“…another great force from the Australian metal community to the rest of the world...this album will be their golden ticket." - Liam Guy, Fallout Magazine

The album is now available from www.octanic.com, at shows and soon to be available on iTunes and in stores.

OCTANIC launch their debut album LIVE at the Cavern Club on June 30th in Adelaide followed by an Australian east coast tour.

Unreleased track featurned on a Sidewave distributed complication

OCTANIC are releasing a previously unheard track on WELKIN RECORDS' metal compilation THE EUPHONY FUSION 5. Now, these are only distributed in the eastern states, but if you're going along any of the Sidewave shows mentioned below in the official press release, you can pick one of these up for free.




Heavy Metal Compilation

In an effort to help further promote the many great metal bands we have across Australia, we at Welkin Records have put together yet another promotional Australian metal compilation! The 5th edition of our ‘The Euphony Fusion’ compilation series features a selection of 31 bands, of a wide variety of metal genres, from across Australia and abroad. Only 1250 copies of this compilation are available, and they will all be handed out for FREE at the conclusion of the below shows coming up in the weeks ahead:





* The CD’s will be handed out for free outside the front of each venue straight after the conclusion of each show listed above.

*This compilation CD will NOT be available in stores. The only opportunity to acquire this CD is at the above gigs. **

• This CD is FREE!



1. UNIVERSUM (SA) – Aeon Displacement 2. GODS OF EDEN (NSW)- Shiva’s Dream 3. SYDONIA (VIC)- Ocean of Storms 4. AUTOMATA (NSW)- Tides 5. ISAW (SA)- The Black Stone 6. PERPETUAL END (ACT)- I Am 7. PRESCIENT (WA)- Conductive Cell 8. BRONSON (VIC)- Brothers In Arms 9. RED DESCENDING (WA)- Burned To Death 10. FRANKENBOK (VIC)- God Complex 11. OCTANIC (SA)- The Mask Of Hypocrisy 12. ENDING ATROPHY (TAS)- Unforgiving 13. SAM LOCKE (TAS)- Epoch 14. ARCADIA (SA)- Fragile 15. HYBRID NIGHTMARES (VIC)- Ashes Of An Astral Winter


1. HYPNO5E (FRANCE)- Acid Mist Tomorrow 2. LYNCHMADA (QLD)- Earth I Walk 3. DRIVEN TO THE VERGE (VIC)- We Lead These Wolves 4. MUSHROOM GIANT (VIC)- The Drake Equation 5. SANCTIUM (NSW)- Invoke 6. ONE (VIC)- No Compromise 7. THE ASCENT (WA)- Insomnia 8. DEPRIVATION (NSW)- Fall Of The Mercury 9. DROPBUNNY (VIC)- Irredeemably Fucked 10. I AM DUCKEYE (VIC)- Mowees 11. THEKILLBOTFACTORY (SA)- Plagues 12. DESECRATOR (VIC)- Serpent’s Return 13. SABRETUNG (NSW)- For The Term Of His Natural Life… 14. REDEMPTION DENIED (TAS)- Born Of Man 15. MANNIK (NSW)- Hear-Say 16. FALSE PROPHET (VIC)- Social Infection

Octanic Band Room Fire...

Dear Octanic family, friends and fans… this message is just to confirm the fact that on Tuesday 22nd November 2011 there was indeed a serious fire in our band rehearsal room at our drummer Scott Powell’s residence and this fire caused substantial fire, heat, soot and water damage to both the band room and also the majority of our band member’s gear.

The most important thing however, is that no one was hurt or injured in this fire.

All of us at Octanic wish you to know that we are not posting this message for sympathy, but more to let everyone hear it first-hand from us rather than through a number of different channels.

We are a tough mob at Octanic and we will endure. It may take some time for us to re-establish all that was lost but it will not stop us from gigging, travelling and sharing our music and love with you all.

The Octanic juggernaut will go on and we will see you all in 2012.

Octanic’s FULLY CRANK’D 29/08/11 - The highlight of Sydney’s Datura Curse!

Another capacity crowd at The Crown & Anchor on Friday 29th July 2011 welcomed Datura Curse from Sydney! Octanic’s awesome FULLY CRANK’D event hosting the Sydney lads as they travel around Australia as part of their ‘Reason(s)’ EP Oz tour.

The regular mighty line-up of Devonera, Quaero Verum and Octanic as usual packed out the room at The Cranka and certainly showed Datura Curse just how fantastic and supportive Adelaide crowds are of interstate bands.

Devonera kicked off proceedings on this special ‘Friday Feature’ FULLY CRANK’D event! As usual they entertained the ever growing crowd with a solid set. Next up was Quaero Verum who always blitz the crowd with their great stage energy and pumping tunes!

It was then Datura Curse’s time to hit the stage and being their first trip to Adelaide we didn’t disappoint them with our energy and they certainly didn’t disappoint us! Their unique blend of heavy rock / metal had the room full and really getting into their set from the very first song! The Adelaide fans doing themselves proud by being up front and centre really bouncing off and sharing the energy of the amazing Datura Curse.

Octanic headlined this amazing show and the loyal friends and fans were treated to yet another awesome display of epic metal! Even when the set had to be cut two songs short the crowd unanimously and somewhat vocally screamed for ‘Superbeast’ to be the finisher and, as always, full crowd participation was expected and delivered!

It was once again an amazing turn out, with amazing bands and amazing energy all night! We love our collective metal family, friends and fans very much! After the show our ever growing metal community at the Cranka along with all the lads from Octanic, Datura Curse, Quaero Verum and Devonera partied on til the early hours, most of us not leaving until they turned the lights on well after last drinks at around 4am in the morning!

The friendships and camaraderie between the Adelaide bands making Datura Curse feel right at home and Octanic hope to get over to Sydney to join Datura Curse in the very near future to further spread the love and rapport already built with such an amazing band! Look out for Datura Curse peoples; we’ll be bringing them back to Adelaide many more times in the future! Look out for more awesome FULLY CRANK’D events at the Cranka!

Octanic now have August and September off from gigging to concentrate on progressing their album through to completion. We know it’s taking a lot longer than expected but the wait will be totally worth it! You can’t rush perfection and you’ll all be treated to something truly special once it’s all ready!

We’ll also be concentrating on sorting out a lot of other behind-the-scenes stuff, including getting our new merch, as well as finishing off a stack of brand new awesome songs that we’ll slowly showcase to the public at selected future shows!

Octanic next hit the stage on Saturday 8th October at The Cavern Club for their massive LIVE CARNAGE event! This will be a licensed ALL AGES event where we’ll be bringing over our great mates Witchgrinder from Melbourne once more. This will be Witchgrinder’s third visit to Adelaide’s shores and I just know their Adelaide fan base are already hanging for this awesome show… we are too! See you then!!!

Keep your eyes posted on our Facebook, ReverbNation and Myspace pages for all your Octanic news and gig info! Drop by our pages and play our classic tunes and watch our live videos in the meantime to keep you up to date and energised for all things Octanic!

Octanic tear it up at ‘Metal for A Cure 2: Metal for the Kids’!!!

‘Metal for a Cure 2: Metal for the Kids’ was an awesome event for an equally awesome cause! Held at Fowler’s Live on Saturday 16th July 2011 with all proceeds raised going to the ‘Save The Children’ Foundation, this licensed all ages affair showcased some of Adelaide’s finest metal bands and also two great bands from NSW ‘Letters of Carnage’ and our great friends ‘Darker Half’! Close to $2000 was raised on the night, a truly fantastic effort!

Us Octanic lads had an absolute blast playing smack-bang in the middle of the 7-band bill and the great crowd were certainly treated to a mix of Octanic’s finest tunes! A super-short, sharp and shiny half hour set saw Octanic blast out ‘Aeternus Imperium’, ‘Pariah’, ‘Deadworld’, ‘Fear The Reaper’, ‘King For A Day’ and their crowd fave ‘Superbeast’ cover!

We made a stack of new friends and fans on the day and had an awesome time cranking our songs to a highly appreciative all ages crowd! We had a stack of new faces come up to us after our set and say hi, telling us how much they loved our songs! And hey, when it comes down to it, playin’ live, doin what you love and seeing the genuinely appreciative crowd and hearing only positive things from them post-set is what makes it all worthwhile!

A massive thanks goes out to Arcadia and their support crew and volunteers who worked tirelessly throughout the day and night to make it such a great event! Special thanks also Quaero Verum’s - Steve Labadi for being a most entertaining MC and also contributing wonderfully to the donations. All the bands on the day put on top-notch performances and it really was a fantastic day all round!

We can’t wait to get back up on stage and do it for you all again at FULLY CRANK’D with Datura Curse (NSW), Quaero Verum and Devonera on Friday 29th July 2011 at The Cranka… FREE ENTRY and a night full of awesome metal, what more could anyone want?! Doors 8pm, first band 9pm… BE THERE!!!

This will be Octanic’s last show for over two months as we focus on the last stages of our album preparations prior to release; and also finish writing some epic new songs that we hope to play live for you very soon! So we really wanna see all of our awesome friends and fans, both old and new, at the Cranka, to help us show the Datura Curse lads a great time in Adelaide and to generally just play another awesome gig with awesome bands and awesome fans!


FULLY CRANK’D - 4 June 2011 blog

Well after returning from a whirlwind tour of Melbourne with Witchgrinder, Octanic were set to do it all again at the awesome FULLY CRANK’D event at The Cranka on Saturday 4th June 2011! Joining them were two of Octanic’s favourite local Adelaide bands Devonera and Quaero Verum!

Last time these three bands shared the stage together at the Crown & Anchor they literally packed the place to capacity! Well, guess what… we did it all again!!! That’s right, it was the second gig in a row that this triumvirate of awesome bands filled the room… and yet again it was another truly amazing night of metal!

The massive crowd were again treated to some of the best metal Adelaide has to offer! Devonera started off proceedings with their typically aggressive and powerful set! Steve Brown and Matt Bagalene’s dual guitar shredding coupled with Steve’s menacing growls accentuated by his clean and power-metal tinged vocals setting the room ablaze, Steve’s voice definitely a unique and refreshing change on the metal scene!

Quaero Verum yet again destroyed the stage with their ultra-energetic performance! Every show these guys play it just gets better and better! It’s both an audio and visual extravaganza for all! Their majestic lead guitarist Matt Marotti celebrating his birthday in fine style on the night with his brother joining him up on stage for dual vocal duties with singer Steve Labadi during ‘Destruction of Desire’. I love watching these guys do what they do! So much passion and skill!

Octanic hit the stage just after midnight with the crowd still packed to capacity and the fan revelry in the very best of spirits! We pumped out a super-tight set with many fans saying it was the loudest, heaviest and tightest we’ve ever sounded! Paying tribute to QV’s Matt Marotti with ‘Fear The Reaper’ during our set and also enjoying full crowd participation during ‘Addict’ and other fan-fave tracks it was just a spectacular night all round!

Our drummer Scotty Powell on drums putting in a faultless performance with his new in-ears working perfectly! We had a few people come up to us asking why weren’t playing to the click any more, yet we were! It just goes to show just how tight we were and just how awesome Scotty was on drums for people not to even notice his latest stage investment! Great work Scotty!

It was an amazing night and we just gotta say that the fans that come out and see Octanic, QV and Devonera share the stage are truly awesome! To have such an appreciative, passionate and fun crowd to perform for, well... it just makes gigging all the more worthwhile! It’s you guys that make it a pleasure to do what we do… we thank you all!

I’m sure all the lads from Octanic, Quaero Verum and Devonera are truly stoked to have such a great collective group of fans and supporters! Please make sure you support all three bands whenever they hit the stage!

For all official ‘FULLY CRANK’D’ photos of the night, which include all three bands - Devonera, Quaero Verum and Octanic, please go to this link here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Devonera/195766700449418?ref=ts#!/media/set/?set=a.119412388144334.30672.111115028974070

Also, please come check out Octanic’s official photographer Sofie Marsden’s page and photos at ‘Death In Vogue Photos’ and “like” the page: www.facebook.com/sofieluisephotography

To keep yourselves on top of all of Octanic’s upcoming gigs, awesome songs and vids etc., check out the following pages: www.facebook.com/octanic www.facebook.com/octanic.australia www.myspace.com/octanic www.reverbnation.com/octanic

Our next show is the massive ‘Metal For A Cure 2: Metal For The Kids’ event on Saturday 16th July at Fowler’s Live. Seven great bands for only $12 entry, with doors at 3pm. This is a licensed ALL AGES event with proceeds going to the ‘Save The Children’ Foundation. It’s a very worthwhile cause so we hope to see all of our Octanic fans there!



OCTANIC destroy The Prague in Melbourne on 28th May 2011 with Witchgrinder!!!

On Saturday 28th May 2011 the Octanic lads trekked over to Melbourne to gig with their great Victorian mates Witchgrinder! We’ve had the Witchgrinder guys over here in Adelaide with us a couple of times now so we were absolutely stoked to finally join them in Melbourne!

Here are a couple of noteworthy titbits from our whirlwind tour of Melbourne:

* We boarded the plane in Adelaide on time... just! In future however, we’ll be making sure that Stefan has attended to all of his “business” well and truly before the scheduled boarding time!

* The automatic doors at the apartments in East Melbourne don’t stay open very long at all! Band members and gear WILL get jammed!

* Impromptu unplugged pre-gig jam sessions may end up as acoustic live Octanic songs in future, but hey, don’t hold your breath!

* Crazy taxi-bus drivers, who can’t count, may attempt to kill you on the way to the venue!

* Octanic fully endorses and highly recommends that you visit ‘Loui and Franko’s Pizza and Pasta’ in Thornbury! We unanimously agree it was close to the best pizza we’ve ever encountered!

* Our silent seventh member and esteemed band graphic artist “The Dave” Dave Adams, who is now living in Melbourne is a bloody legend! He surprised us by turning up to join us on the night only a week after moving to rural Victoria!

* Octanic certainly did Adelaide metal proud by delivering a massive dose of EPIC for our first visit on Victorian shores, treating the crowds to a typically charismatic and super tight Octanic set!

* Massive thanks to all the locals who came up the front and got into it with us and extra special thanks to Stefan’s good friends Sarah & Gavin Wootten who came along to enjoy the night and also helped us out immensely by taking a stack of photos for us, giving us some special photographic memories of our Melbourne visit!

* Of course an Octanic gig wouldn’t be complete without our most awesome mate Dave Adams once again being front and centre and goin’ off! It seems that no matter where Octanic perform, there’s a very good chance Dave’s gonna be there supporting us! Whether it’s in person or in spirit he’s always with us! Dave mate, you’re an absolute champion and we love ya mate!!!

* Big cheers to Venomartyr, As The Palaces Burn and Pretty Suicide for sharing the stage with us on the night, you guys all went off!

* Extra special thanks however, to our good friends Witchgrinder who once again smashed out an ultra-pumping dark industrial metal set, destroying many an ear-drum with their truly addictive and infectious offerings! We love these guys and can’t wait to bring them back over to Adelaide once more, just as soon as we can!

* Octanic partied hard all night and we were literally the very last patrons ushered out of the venue at the wee hours of the morning by the lovely Czech venue manager lady who personally welcomed us back to The Prague any time we wish… sweet!

* Semi-lengthy delays involving oversized luggage not being “activated” and airport staff not giving us the right info (including Baillie’s bag check and cavity search) will result in poor old Daniel being particularly grumpy if he has to eat his long-awaited breakfast at a time closer to lunch… take note!

* We had a blast in Melbourne and now that we’ve conquered all the Eastern States we’re looking forward to destroying W.A, A.C.T and Tassie just as soon as we can!

Check out our Facebook pages listed below for photos of our Melbourne ‘Witchgrinder’ gig and also go to our Myspace and ReverbNation pages for more Octanic gig info, tunes and videos: www.facebook.com/octanic www.facebook.com/octanic.australia www.myspace.com/octanic www.reverbnation.com/octanic

Stay tuned for all the latest on Octanic… we’ve got new songs and merch coming out real soon!!!



FULLY CRANK’D on Saturday 30th April 2011… we packed it TO CAPACITY!!!

FULLY CRANK’D on Saturday 30th April 2011… we packed it TO CAPACITY!!!

That’s right… our FULLY CRANK’D event at The Cranka on Saturday 30th April was a capacity crowd!!!

Security was literally turning patrons away from the doors at some stages throughout the night as the room was literally FULL to the brim! Now to me, that signifies a fuckin’ awesome night of metal, wouldn’t you agree?!!!

Heck, they were even doin the headcount outside to make sure the tables weren’t too full, talk about an event overflowing with metal-heads! Truly a memorable night and all in attendance would fully agree!

Splattergasm started off proceedings to an already decent crowd and by the time our great friends Quaero Verum hit the stage the room was absolutely full!!! It was such a great night and despite the inclement weather outside… we couldn’t keep the punters away!

Quaero Verum smashed it with yet another awesome dose of metal and those newer songs are really goin’ off! Love gigging with QV, look out for them destroying stages everywhere in the not too distant future for sure, such energy!!!

The night however, was really about the return of our old friends Devonera to the fray and they dished out the metal in spades! Steve now not only delivering his trademark power growls to the many fans, but also crankin’ that guitar hell hard! The loyal fans who have been hanging out for more than two years to see Devonera back on stage were treated to a masterful display…a welcome return indeed!!!

Octanic hit the stage just after midnight and the room was still packed! Despite the late timeframe and some minor technical difficulties for Daniel the fans were treated to a massive dose of “EPIC” from the Octanic lads who really know how to get the crowds into it and, well, isn’t that what live metal is all about?!

We had an absolute blast and the Cranka is truly the place to be whenever a FULLY CRANK’D event takes place!

Some absolutely amazing moments were captured last night courtesy of the amazing Sofie Marsden. If you wanna see just some of the awesome fun and frivolity that was to be had, check out this link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sofie-Luise-Photography/111115028974070 and go to this album: ‘Fully Crank’d – 30th April, 2011’.

If you wanna check out what Octanic are all about go to the following pages for all the latest info, tunes and videos: www.myspace.com/octanic www.facebook.com/octanic www.facebook.com/octanic.australia www.reverbnation.com/octanic

The next FULLY CRANK’D event will be at the Cranka on Saturday 4th June 2011 where Octanic will be hosting Anno Domini from the North Shore of Sydney who are coming over to Adelaide as part of their ‘Atrocities 2011 Tour’. Also in fine support are Octanic’s great mates Quaero Verum! Let’s pack out the Cranka yet again!!!