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SXSW, Red Gorilla 2013

Gearing up for SXSW and Red Gorilla in March -#mini texas tour

Tour, New Record

So we're wrapping up tracking for the new full length. And without tooting our own horn too much, lets just say we're pretty proud of this one. We'll begin post production within the next week or so and we're anticipating a March release. You'll be hearing about the release party, we'll be making alot of noise about it.

So how about the 2012 Ireland/UK tour? Covela is teaming up with our friends at SG3 Skate for a few dates in Ireland. While we're out that way we decided to cross the channel and play a few shows in the UK before we come back. Should be a killer time.

Thanks to all of you for the support, we appreciate it!

Booking for SXSW

The new record is done and being pressed as i type this. We cant wait to promote it. In fact some opportunities have presented themselves for Covela to head down to Austin next month for SXSW.

We're looking to jam our schedule full while we're down there so if anybody has any connections knows anybody who's looking for bands or knows a great steak house we should check out in Austin - let us know!!!

Oh and Phoenix Kats... make sure you pick up your tickets in advance to our Feb 18th CD release party at Club Red!! Advanced tickets are cheaper and get you a free cd!

Cheers kiddies!

Alen Jakupovic
Alen Jakupovic  (almost 7 years ago)

Good luck you guys! I hope you all have a great time in Texas!

Covela's New CD . . .

Hey all, We started recording this album on June 23rd, 2010. Drums were tracked by Gerald, Thomas and Brendon at North Hills (Burning Canvas) in Phoenix. From there, we were self recorded and self produced. On one hand, it's nice to record at your own studio. It's free and you can track guitars while basking in your lack of attire. On the other hand, it's easily put-off-able. Schedule conflicts, family guy, captain crunch cam easily put off tracking a record in a home studio. So after 6 months and about 200 tracks later, the unmixed fruits of our efforts were sent to Worth Weaver of Red Room Recording in North Carolina. We've put everything into these songs you're about to hear! Come to the CD release or order one online if you'd like to support our endeavors to take over a small part of the world. Without fans, bands are posers so we appreciate each and every one of you. See you soon! Jake/Covela