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Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to Thank God for my Family(At Home and Abroad) and Friends (At Church, at work, restaurants, gas stations etc...) on this day before Thanksgiving.And for God's Mercy and Grace toward this world and Our Nation and Myself. I am Thankful for God's gift of Salvation thru His Son Jesus Christ who shed His blood for sinners and that thru Faith we(sinners) can be saved. I'm Thankful for My Church and My Pastor. I am thankful for my Church family of believers. I'm thankful for their Sincerity and Friendships. I am thankful for our Troops who have served and are serving Our Nation. Thankful for the job I have. It's not NASA Or Microsoft, but it's been a good job to me. I could and to be honest have at times complained about this or that. But now I see that's not my job nor what and why I'm working there.It's to support my wife and 2 kids. I'm thankful for my job and the ability to do it. And for the friends I have and have had there.And for them putting up with me even on my bad days.(Yes, I, even I have em) And for them laughing at my jokes, even when I know some of them aren't that good. I am thankful for the Gift of music and for the ability to create some. I am thankful for the ideas I have and have had for songs. But Thanks giving is more than just some random thoughts one has, on one day a year. Thanksgiving should be our attitude every day of our lives. Not just Thanksgiving day. It shouldn't be about what we can get on sale the next day because it's Black Friday, But an attitude of gratitude for what we have been blessed with. Our Faith in God, Our life, Our health, Our Families and our needs being met, just for starters. But we as a society complain about any and everything it seems, don't we. It's easy to fall into that mentality if we're not careful. We have to make the decision. We can either strive to find the (positive) or look at the (negative) in any thing, anyone or any situation. But I choose to strive to find the positive and be Thankful for every day, and the things in it and the people in it. .It's not easy .Life's road is strewn with potholes of doubt and complaints and ruts of "the taking it for granted mentality".And all the Negativity associated with it. But Thanksgiving fills those potholes and ruts and paves it with grattitude to our Creator and for the life and the world we live in.

We truly have everything to be thankful for. Even the very breath we breathe is a gift from God. Yes we all have problems, some of our own doing. And some not. We could complain about it and wallow in that rut. But The Bible says. In Every thing give thanks. So even in the middle of something we're going thru, whether it's been caused by our own doing or not. We should give thanks. Maybe for a lesson we've learned or one of life's lesson being taught for the 17th thousandth time.We should be thankful for the opportunity to learn the lesson again.Or something we're going thru now. What ever it is. If we would really just think for a minute and really take a close look around us. And Take a deep breath of God's fresh mountain air , Step back a little. Clear our heads of the everyday routine. And just Be Still, Just for a little while.In Such a Busy world. We can all think of Something to be Thankful for this Thanks giving Holiday season... Just a Thought...

.God bless My Family and Friends toward the end of this year. ....... Praying we all have a


Guitarzan and the Fretters

Hi, My name is Alan Ballard, On my space, I am Guitarzan and the fretters. I picked that name because I didn't have a band, it was just me.So I decided I would be called Guitarzan and since my fingers were all over the fretboard, they would be called the fretters. Thus the name. I live around Asheville,North Carolina. I have a wife and two children, I love music. I try to duplcate the feeling's I get, into my music and am always thinking of something new that might could contribute to my effort. I hope you enjoy what little I've done on here. There's more to come, for sure

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