No More F'n Around

Our album People Simply Disappear will be released June 8th 2013 at The House of Blues in Orlando Florida!

Album Almost Complete!

Our labor of love "People Simply Disappear" is In the final stages of completion. We cannot wait for you, the fans to hear it. We poured our hearts into making this and it WILL show once it hits your ear drums. TAKEOUT

Always Getting Started

To our fans: Thank you! Simple as that. Thank you. Everything you do for us is greatly appreciated. We can't do it at all without you. That being said, I know it always feels like we're just getting started but with the internet and technology changing so much we always have to do what we can to keep up. So along with a new album and new songs, you will see some new stuff popping up on the internet. You'll see stuff on our reverbnation page, on our facebook page and our myspace page. All we ask from you is that you continue to support us and help us get to where we all know TAKEOUT should be. You can actually help by telling people that you know on facebook to "like" our page and come out to our shows and support local music. If you haven't seen us in a while we encourage you to come out and see the new show that we've created. Its not like any old TAKEOUT show you've seen in the past. Once again thank you so much and we look forward to seeing all of you out at a TAKEOUT rock show. Check our calendar for the next upcoming show. www.facebook.com/takeoutmusic www.reverbnation.com/takeoutband www.myspace.com/takeoutmusicrockscom