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It's gone really slowly

I've been working in the studio this year, but not nearly enough. My health issues haven't improved that much; however, I work when I have a chance. My audio interface became unusable so I've struggled with what to do there. I finally decided to go old school and get back to recording with a Tascam recorder! yeah, I know. You wouldn't believe how much faster tracking goes though. I still plan to use the computer for mixing and editing, but I'm still learning the best ways to operate. I've made two trips to NYC this year and both were awesome. My daughter is there and I love hanging out with her and her BF. Anyway, I have one new song almost completely tracked, just a couple more parts to go. I hope to have it edited and mixed/mastered and ready to upload within the next few months. I'd also like to get more done in studio this year, if my health can hold out. I hope everyone has a terrific year and dreams come true!! Best wishes.

Back in the studio...

I've gotten my studio set back up and have been doing some mixing and recording learning videos and blogs. I'm learning quite a bit and hope to remix a few of my tunes. So far it's going well. I will post them as I get them done. I will take down the previous versions and put up the new as I go. Also, I'm working on some new stuff I will record as well. It's great to be back in the studio after undergoing some health issues and surrendering the studio for the summer. Take care all! My best for your current endeavors.

Merry Christmas!

I posted an instrumental arrangement of Silent Night. I arranged this several years ago for vibraphone and thought I'd record it for you. I played in a jazz duo at the time. Love those jazz chords.

Song added

I posted another song today. It's an instrumental entitled "Contemplation Time". Hope you will enjoy it.

New old song added

Just thought I'd mention that I redid a recording of "Every Inch" and posted it on RN. My old files were all lost due to a dead hard drive. I redid all the parts and changed the tempo a little. I decided on different instrumentation as well. Hope everyone likes the "new" version. Hope to have a new instrumental up soon!

About the band name

Hey anyone, I decided to elaborate on the band name a little. A minstrel is a traveling musician. It is used in the bible a couple times. The particular verse I like to associate with is in II Kings 3:15 which states, "But now bring me a minstrel. And it came to pass, when the minstrel played, that the hand of the Lord came upon him." The person described talking here is Elisha, he is talking to the King of Israel. I have always believed that music can bring God's presence. Even in the Psalms, David plays and Saul is less depressed, comforted, as if by God. That's really the hope of any of my music, that someone will be comforted, healed, uplifted, or find God's presence or truths within it. It's really the same concept as music therapy. When I was a music therapist, the music was a tool, through it we were able to address non-musical goals and issues. Music is such a great vehicle for emotion, expression, brain activity, and so much more.

First Blog

I am new here and really don't have a complete new album done yet. I will put up some of my older stuff, recorded very rudimentally. I have new songs that are at various stages in the writing and recording process. I will post them here as I get them finished. It takes a little longer when you are doing everything yourself. (and have a family to care for) However, I will do my best to get more songs up soon. I have a few tunes up on DMusic, and 3 up on MySpace. I have 2 that are close to being done and should be up within the next 2 weeks. I hope someone will enjoy the tracks. All of my tracks are free to download for anyone. Anyone wanting lyrics, chord progressions or lead sheets, just ask. I copyright the material as it's written and completed.