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Paul Wheeler

Gilbert and I admire Paul Wheeler's songs a lot - and now he is on RN. This is an interview with him http://www.kwase-kwaza.org/redblues.htm He is on RN as Seachanges

Not rushing off into Cubase

Cubase has a lot off effects and a lot of pre-sets within each effect. There are pre-sets for instruments as well. For example when starting a project you can chose it as a folk song and some appropriate effects instruments and presets will come up. Acid Express doesnt have any effects. But it still has that addictive impulsive editing interface. I have made a piece by starting with a 8 bar chord sequence with drums and taking that across into Acid Express and developing it in the editor. I didnt even load it into Soundforge to add some global effects. Soundforge issues 32 bit mp3s whereas Acid Express does mp3s as 16 bit. I can't tell if there s any advantage to the bigger files.

Kool, Assembly, Minister One, Wallaby, Minor One, Tamer

I have ordered the Hal Leonard book on post-bop piano. Gilbert and his wife have gone cycling because the weather is so good. I might manage to get up to the shops as I have run out of Budweiser. I have finished with Andrew K's material except I have some files to send.

Bloomer Duo Neuron and Chapman

Two of these pieces uses ideas that have come up working on Andrew Keeling's songs. One has some industrial drums where I programmed the rhythm myself - mostly I still use loops. I have discovered Jango.com and I wonder if we should buy some plays on there given that we cant use LastFM to reach suitable listeners any more.

More Pieces

Gilbert and I have been working through pieces at quite a rate. The total number of pieces in the library is now 74 and there is plenty more in development at various stages. Ever since I got busted on LastFM for spamming we have had trouble keeping in the top 40 in the charts and have gradually drifted down so that we are currently around 56. It was great fun climbing up the charts and I have to say I rather miss it.

4 New Songs

The new songs have a lot to do with the ALT chord scale that I first spotted in the Herbie Hancock song Littie One which I have always liked. Charles Alexander had to explain to me how the scale and chord worked but it was well worth learning. Now lets hope we can move up from the botton of the LAC top 50 into the top 40 again.

Top 40

I went to the Wire Salon yesterday on Daphne Oram - the electronic music pioneer - she was a really popular subject, surprisingly. The song for CB is well under way and we have a date for recording in June. We have been up to 35 in the London Alt.Chart - some more mailing is needed I think. Sad news about a poet on the fanlist who died this morning.


Mailing of the Tunepak initially generated more visits than plays - possibly because I wasn t targeting the mailing well enough. There were a record number of visits yesterday. Fortunately this translated into an increase of Band Equity and we started going back up the charts. We entered the Global Hot Alternative Charts at no 18. More mailing went out today so perhaps we'll go up the charts again? As it s nice weather Gilbert has gone to the coast. I sent him 6 remixes yesterday. Tonight I hope to see Rhys Chatham at Dalston - the man who went from Lamont Young to the Ramones.


Wow I haven t blogged here for nearly two weeks. Now that we have broken into the LAC top 50 - and slipped out again it is clear that at this level if you want to go up the chart you have to actively promote the music. Fortunately Tunepaks are an excellent tool for active promotion. I have a remix to do on a piece from the last fortnight based on a synth loop that I found on Soundcloud. There is also a piece from January which I am polishing up. I have approached a vocalist to see if she wants to collaborate - fingers crossed


We were on the global hot chart for a couple of days at the end of the week. I had been mailing out the full Tunepak to some people on LastFM and I think some of them had decided to listen - this gaves a peak of plays which boosted the Band Equity. It is now as high as it has ever been at 457. I went back to a recording I made on the Zoom a few days ago. I have dressed it up a bit and sent two versions to Gilbert but I think a slow original naked version is feasible too.