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Live your Life

"My grandmama was a wise old soul, took me by the hand not long ago. Said son what's your hurry better slow it down, taste the wild honey, and listen to the sound of the wind that's blowing through the trees... and rivers flowin' into the sea. There all headin' home just like you and me, life's for living child can't you see... These are the days we will remember, these are the times that wont come again, the highest of flames becomes an ember, so you gotta live it while you can." - Keith Urban

I really love the lyrics in "Days Go By" by my favorite country artist Keith Urban. It uses such beautiful language in describing a subject so many fear or deny. D.E.A.T.H. It's inevitable. You are going to die one day, it is a natural stage of life. When you read over these lyrics above it plainly states that yes you are most certainly going to die; just as a fire becomes an ember. But, life is so short so take your time and notice all the beauty in it.... the wind, trees, river are all so beautiful and we take it for granted. Just "Live it {life} while you can".

I think so many fear death not because they are afraid of dying but because they are afraid of how they have LIVED. They think about all the things they could have done, or wouldn't have done, or what they should have done. Could of, would of, should of - just live your life the best you know how. Live your life to the fullest and death will just be another part of life that you will go through.

I think that it should be an automatic thing to treat our elderly as wise. They have lived their life and they have been down the roads we are going through. Just accept the fact that they might now a thing or two more than you do. As far as how to embrace aging? Well you just do what I said above live your life, and enjoy everything good or bad it throws at you. Because the bad can be turned around into a lesson learned and an experience embraced.

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