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First Album done!

We have recorded our first studio album. It is a full length a 13 song album.

New lineup

We have added Gibby (Bastard ?) of The Hellfire Villainy, Wanna!Gotta!Gimme!, Teledrone, Tabula Rasa, and other local bands. He will be using a Midi guitar to add other instruments to the mix including Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes, and Wurlitzer organs. He will also be doing lead and backing vocals. Returning to the lineup is Chris "Broken String" Bastard. He has played bass all over the West coast for many years in many different bands. He started playing guitar for Wanna!Gotta!Gimme! and continues to play rhythm and lead with us as well as lead and backing vocals. Robert (Cap'n Bastard) of Wanna!Gotta!Gimme! and many bands all over the East Coast joined us shortly before when the drummer position open up. We played our first show with the new lineup on Friday April 13th. It must have been our "lucky" day as we got an overwhelming response from our fans about how much they liked the new lineup, bettering what we already had going as a 3 piece. - Bastard 13