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March Winds doth Blow

Hey folks. Sending out warm love to all those whove lost loved ones today... Now, Ive uploaded three live videos from a show last year. Raw and fun I hope you enjoy and keep toasty on the tootsies and it brings some good wind your way

Song writing collective

Collections and snippets to capture a song writer/arranger/composers journey in making music... variable and fun ... no to be leashed

May Celebrations.....

A weekend jam packed full of listening to live music... I will be sporting a listen to some great musicians and having a play at Hunstanton Beer Festival on 4th May, Alexandra Park Ipswich 12:30pm, and Old Maydes Head K/L @9pm.....Come and enjoy the festivities

Originals 'As We Lay Our Lives Down'

Original song by David Barwood & Philip Anderson