Sinthetic1 isn't ranked # 4 because we get the most plays or the most likes or the most followers or widgets, subscribers, etc... It's because we like Music in General weather it's Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Rock, if we like it, we recommend the Band we like and if you like us Cheers to you "Because" we are true to are Fans....


For all of those fortunate enough to have everything from Fast cars to Expensive houses and from Diamond rings to eating fancy things, you are truly blessed from either working hard to get what you have or just born Rich. For all of those unfortunate and try to to hold a job to keep a roof over there head and save every penny to by food and to make that car payment and refrain from buying things just to have clothes for your kids, you are truly blessed of Wisdom,Sacrifice,Strive and generosity. In which Both are Equal.

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Sinthetic1; Dean Edwards = Drums

Dean uses and sometimes abuses; Ludwig 8 piece custom, Tama,Sonar Dum Set's,Zildjian,Sabian cymbals,Evans + Aquarian and Remo heads,Iron cobra bass drum pedal, Iron cobra 2 legged Hi-Hat,Gibraltar hardware and accessories,Pro-mark 747 Super Rock sticks,DM5 trigger stet up, Shure and Sennheiser mic's,Enduro + Hardcase and Groove percussion cases.

Sinthetic1: John St. John = Bassist

John uses and sometimes abuses; Acoustic B600 Bass amp,acoustic cabs,Dean Hillsborough jazz bass active 4 string, Washburn active 5 string,levy 2 tone leather strap,dunlop strap locks,monster pro bass voiced custom cable,planet wave custom speaker cables,1.5 mill picks, zoom bass pedal,labella deep talkin stainless strings.

Sinthetic1 : Rick Gutierrez = Lead Guitarist

Rick uses and sometimes abuses Gibson and ESP guitars,EMG and Jeff Beck S.C pick-ups,Gator cases,Dunlop pics,Marshall and Randall cabs,celestian speakers,zoom effects,GHS strings

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Because U Deserve What Every Individual Should Enjoy Regularly


Son Of Bitch Everything's Real

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