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Clifton Wine Festival Pic.s

We have just added some wonderful professional photo's taken by Don Lovett. Please do not copy and paste w/o permission. Just enjoy the good times at 2012 Clifton Wine Festival. Don Lovett of Dgallery photography Studio grants you and the band members a noncommercial license to use the photos. That means you can copy, distribute and transmit the work. It also means that you may not use this work for commercial purposes. The work cannot altered, transform, or build upon.


The summer tour is on the way...this week 5/12 we head to a gig on the beach in Deale, MD, next week it's a private conference dinner/dance IEEE in Fairfax then a couple of weeks rest. Up coming: Clifton Wine Festival, Water's Edge, Occoquan River Music Fest and Clyde's ! A summer of music.

What's "New" with TNDB

We welcome both Janet and David to the ensemble. Up next is the Hensle Celebration 9/17 a private party in Clifton, VA. David will be playing lead guitar and we have added a dozen new tunes to the playlist. Janet Smith joins us for rehearsals for several weeks and then she will take the stage, adding new vocals and guitar to the band. The New Dominion Band will return to Herring Bay Yacht Club in Deale, MD on 9/24 to entertain during the clam bake. Then it's back to Kate's Irish Pub 10/21-22. Look for us to add a show in wine country very sooon.