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A New Face on Bass - Welcome Rudy Nuno!

You may soon notice a new addition to KaVaN - we've been keeping him under the radar for the announcement of his first show with us at House of Blues Anaheim. Rudy is a long-time friend of the band and a great fit for KaVaN. He's got a storied musical background, but with a punk rock style and vibe and with a super-mellow attitude, frankly, we didn't know what to expect out of his bass playing. Well, let's just say we were quite impressed and maybe even a little shocked! We met Rudy a couple years back when playing shows pretty regularly with his brother's old band, Mantric. But even after knowing him all this time, we didn't really know what he was made of musically. Turns out he plays bass, guitar, and sings... all very well in fact! He's got loads of music experience, juggling multiple bands at one time, touring (notably on the Vans Warped Tour among others), opening for punk legends like Rancid, and playing premier venues all over the SoCal area. Needless to say, he was up for the challenge with us and pretty much had everything nailed down tight early on. In his soft-spoken casual attitude, he would announce that he "kind of knows this song" and then play it flawlessly. Sniper. We look forward to seeing what other surprises he's got in store for us. Give him a warm welcome - you're going to like him.

KaVaN annouce New Drummer

We want to give Jordan a warm welcome into Kavan. He’s already been hard at work with the band, and he even has a few shows under his belt – I guess that’s just a testament to how hard we’ve been working the last few weeks. We never even got a chance to officially announce the fact that he’s now a member of the band; he just hit the ground running with us and we’ve been playing non-stop since. Jordan has a monster sound with a killer combination of both power and finesse in his playing. He never skipped a beat, getting our sound back on track in no time through grit and determination. An inspiring drive and passion for music really sets him apart from other drummers. You may notice he has a very unconventional, left-handed playing style for the hard rock music that we play – he plays with a more traditional, jazz-based posture, but don’t let him fool you. He will beat the living hell out of those drums and leave you wondering what hit you.

KaVaN announce New Lead Guitar PLayer

Welcome Thomas Moore on lead guitar to KaVaN! Our long and arduous search is finally over. While it took longer than anticipated, our patience paid off as we have now found the perfect fit for KaVaN. After audtioning a number of talented guitar players from all over the Los Angeles area (who we’d like to personally thank for their time), we ultimately decided that Thomas was the right guy for the job. At only 20 years of age, he’s already graced the stages of some of Hollywood and San Diego’s hottest premier venues. A monster guitar player with lightning speed and agility, his style not only fits well with the existing KaVaN sound, but he brings a totally new dynamic to the fold, making us very excited about the future sound. His high energy work ethic is not only impressive, but also very inspiring, and we look forward to the future with a lineup that is stronger than ever.

More great news! – Dave Bolger (Bass) recently returned to Ireland due to a medical emergency and had to undergo intensive surgery on his kidney. The operation was a success, and he is on his way to a steadfast recovery. He is back in good spirits and will be back in the US as soon as he can to fly the flag for his country and friends. We have an arsenal of new material in the works, and upon Dave’s return, we expect to be back in full swing and back to performing live at a venue near you. As always, cheers for the continued support as KaVaN could not do this without you. Side by side, we’ll keep kickin’ ass together! Rock on, Friends!