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Dr. Void & the Death Machines in Alternative Revolution Magazine!

We are pleased to be featured in the debut issus of Alternative Revolution Magazine, brought to all of your grubby little paws by the deviants at ME Publishing. This quaterly magazine covers all aspects of the alternative lifestyle. Music, Art, Steampunk and so so much more. Get your copy today: http://www.amazon.com/Alternative-Revolution-Magazine-Volume-1/dp/1936882590/ref=pd_ybh_1 this link for the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AlternativeRevolutionMagazine

Who doesn't love girls on skates?

We're freakin' stoked to announce that your Evil Dr. Void and his manical Death Machines can be heard during the skating exploits of the Pyscho 78s Roller Derby. Our fine friends from the Pyschos reached out to us recently asking to use our music for.... inspiration and we couldn't have been happier to be involved. Check them out on facebook and follow them... love them, fear them http://www.facebook.com/#!/psycho78s

Dr. Void & the Death Machines teams up with ME Publishing

It is with great and perverse pleasure that we announce that Dr. Void & his Death Machines have agreed to create a new song for ME Publishing and Michael Enoches for an upcoming documentary film. The release date for this project has not been determined however the focus of the film will be concentraited on the suspension culture. Look out for more information here and on facebook as a release date is announced. And Look Up at the Sky... the Death Machines are coming.