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30# with a Bullet!

More Love Band has just made it to #30 at www.Reverbnation.com/MoreLoveBand in the Dallas | Fort Worth market. www.MoreLoveBand.com

Brand new printed press kit available!

The guys have put together a beautiful, printed press kit. The kit includes: CD, bio, press items and songlist. This kit works well for venues, brides and private party groups that need to make a concensus decision. To receive a kit complete the form at www.MoreLoveBand.com and include your address. Merry Christmas, ya'll!!

Famous Musician Quote

Music is very spiritual, it has the power to bring people together. -- Edgar Winter --

Good music?

The idea of what is considered good music is constantly being redefined. The choices we make in the future will define the quality of music for our children.