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PRE ORDER "Rise of the Underdog"

You can now Pre Order my New EP "Rise of the Underdog" iTunes before its official release on July 22nd!



Magic in the near future?

On may 21, 2011 Against All Odds is hitting the studio with Ronnie King. Ronnie King is a musician, producer, and co-owner of Blue Label Records with Sean Couevas. Just to list a few of Ronnie's credit: 2Pac,Snoop Dogg,the Offspring,NOFX,Rancid,Pennywise,TSOL,Pepper, the Distillers... There's not doubt that there will be some amazing things happening in the studio... AAO will also b joined by the bands Lost Souls, Back To Square One and Pamela Jean Noble, all to collaborate on a new track for their sponsor Sullen Clothing... The boys from AAO will then be producing their full length album with Ronnie King to be released summer 2011.