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The Dumb Easies in NYC 'teaser'


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Almost Done!

Hey everyone- we are so close to our record finally being done. We have 7 cuts ready for mastering... 4 to go!

Love Love Love Mixes

We have finished our mixes for the album. They are going out to our focus group for final notes this week. Hurray!

Dumb Easies Condoms!


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Your Holiday Entertainment

The Dumb Easies will be playing Xmas night 2011 and St. Patty's night at Howard's Club H in Bowling Green, OH. Mark your calendars!

Sneak peak of Share Your Drugs on YouTube

Check out the unmastered mix of Share Your Drugs on YouTube only! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVeuQngRdzE

Love! Love! Love! album release update

Dearest Fans, While our new Dumb Easies record has been moving along magnificently as scheduled, I regret to inform you that our official CD release date is being pressed forward most likely to November for medical reasons. I broke a tendon in my left hand and have had to get a rather complicated procedure performed- one that requires 2 surgeries. Unfortunately, the tendon snapped and slipped all the way down into my hand, so the first operation, which I had in the beginning of August, involved having the irreparable tendon removed and temporarily replaced with a silicone rod. The rod must be in place for six to eight weeks while the tissue around it heals, creating a tunnel to perform a tendon graft. While this is not the first time my body has experienced having large rods shoved into various tunnels, it is unfortunately not as fun as it sounds, and not being of the ambidextrous variety, I luckily have my right hand in working order for certain, implied proclivities. At any rate, I go back to the surgeon on September 21 to schedule my second surgery, which will most likely be in the first week of October, so I should be able to start playing shows again within a few weeks after that. On a positive note, there is so much to be done other than mixing, mastering, and manufacturing, so it is probably a good thing to have an extra couple of months to make sure everything gets done right. We have lots of promotional work to do as the record will be officially released and serviced to hundreds of stores and radio stations all across the country very soon! We will keep you posted. We may even have a few advance copies available for our Superfans! XOXO, Cory, The Dumb Easies & Cytoblast Records

Thank you fans!

We would just like to say thank you to all of you who have been supporting us via Facebook, myspace, youtube, Reverb Nation and to all of the people who come to our shows. We played to a packed fuckin house Friday night at Howard's! You guys were great. Thanks for watching! On a side note, our album is coming along great. We are almost done with the editing phase and have actually started making some real mixes. We will be sending it off for mastering soon, and hopefully it will be finished by this summer. thedumbeasies.com is on the way. Stay tuned! XOXO