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I will mix your song 20 tracks or less, and master it for $5


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Tutoring in your place or mine. White Plains, NY (40 mile radius) Skype available, but not recommended.

I have earned 4 Billboard Top 100 Credits, and my team has collectively sold over 15 Millions records. Years of experience working with some of today's greatest hitmakers in the studio has given me volumes to share.

I consult about almost everything music related including management and legal. Feel free to call with questions.... Some areas of focus include:

Software: Setting up & Configuring Autotune & Melodyne Pitch Correction Pro Tools Logic Audio Pro Waves, lexicon, sonnox oxford, nomad blue tubes, softtube & many other popular Plugins Ableton Live, and much, much more.

Studio & Mixing: Hardware\Software pro's and cons... making them work for you! Maintaining overall sonic clarity. How to make your songs gel How to make your songs sound huge! Signal Flow, types of EQ, types of Compression, Modulation, and Effects. When and how to use them. Microphone placement, and recording techniques. Studio consulting & design, layout, upgrades, wiring, gear selection\purchase decisions.

Songwriting: Grabbing your audiences attention. The important components of a great song. The importance of developing good songwriting habits, and how. Song structure, formulas, and you. Finding your lane... and much more!

Artist development and consultation and referrals: Develop yourself as an artist - Be at your best! Getting your music placed How to get spins on the radio Performance dates Management\legal advice... I'm not an attorney; however, I've experienced enough to consult, and knowledgeable enough to know when you need management\legal. My team and I have also designed, built, and wired over 50 recording facilities.

Published composer SESAC Member AES Member NARAS National Mentoring Partnership

Please call\text for inquiries, rates, availability, etc. (917) 547-9886