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so this has been a crazy month. matter fact it's been a crazy year. make that three. the truth is, i used to do nothing but write rhymes and sell weed in high school, and had dreams of becoming a famous rapper. like, fareal, i was definitely trying to rap. but got kicked outta school and wasn't really motivated to do anything and didn't have an identity. anyways blah blah, i found poetry, and once i started competing in slams it gave me the adrenaline rush that hip hop did and i forgot about wanting to be a rapper. in the process i started realizing how important my words are, and i began to understand who i am and what i'm here for. for the past two years i've been wanting to make music but haven't had the inspiration. for some reason at one point i thought i just wanted to be a poet because i didn't wanna be associated with rap, (you know how poets be all self righteous and shit). but i realized that i should be exercising my pen in as many ways as possible, and rhymin' is a sacred style of poetry that should be used by emcees who understand what words can do. so randomly i see Armen at a friend's house over christmas break. hadn't seen him in a while. i knew he'd been doing music since i was a sophomore in high school but didn't ever really work with him. he told me he was gonna be in town until the 29th so we decided to make a couple songs. the beats and the energy made me write like i never have before--yo ask Zak, i was sittin' on the couch writin' for hours at a time using his computer to play the instrumental lol. me and Armen ended up agreeing on dedicating the rest of month to finishing a mixtape, and that's how we ended up with ArmenHammer Presents: "The Intro." we only had (basically less than) a month so it's a twelve track mixtape, entirely produced by ArmenHammer and featuring artists such as NovaKane, Absalute, Dolla Billz, Cj Suitt, Phil Love, Zak Corsi, and Tosh. it's mostly brand spankin' new verses with some old verses, and a couple old ass verses lol. there's tracks to ride to, chill to, listen to, and even smoke to. Armen is a fucking beast, he deserves more credit than i do for this mixtape, so look him up and join his fan page or somethin'. like, now. this has been the most fun i've had creating something in a long time. something about music is powerful, in a different way than poetry. but writing my heart out for the past two years has enabled me to rhyme about the things i wanna rhyme about, and stand behind my words and my voice. i don't wanna become a famous rapper, i repeat, I DON'T WANNA BECOME A FAMOUS RAPPER. and i don't know if i'd consider myself a conscious rapper either. but i do know this, i fucking love hip hop music from the depth of my being and making it is one of the funnest things i've ever done in my life. even making the cover was fun. shouts to jakes on a plane and coco puffs for the design and image! THE MIXTAPE IS FREE! I REPEAT, THE MIXTAPE IS FREE! keep in mind i haven't done this in a while, and i'm a little rusty. but if you enjoy it, please share it with all the people that you think will enjoy it too. FA'REAL! i want to truly thank every person for lending your ears. i hope you enjoy. with respect & sincerity, -G. (2.2.2011)